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Arizona 37, Oregon 10: General Ranting

Ok, I know you guys have been waiting to hear more about Oregon-Arizona game that I dutifully attended. It was kinda weird sitting there thinking that out of 50-some-odd thousand people I was probably the only guy wearing a Oregon State shirt under about 3 layers of clothes. But at the end of the game, I felt like stripping off my sweatshirts until I got to the Beaver shirt, knocking out the security lady with the big rectangular sunglasses in front of me, and then running out to the "O" at midfield, beating my chest and yelling "Wait 'till Friday!"

But if I did, the sad thing is none of the Duck fans probably would of noticed me, since they had all either a) already left, or b) had their head buried in their hands and weren't watching the game anyway.

So, I noticed that Autzen Stadium was recently voted the "Most Intimidating Stadium in America". I sure didn't think so. It was my first time ever in Autzen for a college game, and the noise wasn't anything spectacular compared to Reser. I was in the second row behind the Arizona bench, so the noise was even pouring right down onto me. Now, I do realize that Duck fans didn't have much to cheer for, but it was even weak before the game. The little "Go.... Ducks!!" Chant  they do before the game wasn't anything better than our "O....S....U....!" pre-game chant.  So, moral of the story, I wasn't intimidated.

The whole aspect of me being an innocent bystander made it even more fun. Like for example. The four guys sitting a row in front of me and about three seats to the right. At the beginning of the game, they were your average crazy, over-do-it, harass the other team type of fans. You all know some people like this, right? Well, fourth quarter or so, there was only one guy left, all snuggled up with his girlfriend. He was sure faking a good mood pretty well, because I knew he wasn't one bit happy. Especially after the Arizona players were feeding the crap right back at him after they had established about a 20 point lead.

So, if there was one thing that I would want to portray to Beaver Nation right now, it's that Duck Nation... or whatever they call themselves... is not happy right now. The Beavers are in a good position.

Actual football previews coming later.

While you're here, a new poll is up, so if you've got a sec, add your opinion to the pile.

Go Beavers!