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Oregon State 30, Stanford 7

Oregon State knocked off now 1-10 Stanford on Saturday, but believe it or not, I was in attendance at the Oregon-Arizona game at Autzen Stadium. I was invited by my grandpa, who played Basketball and Baseball at the University of Oregon back in his day. I was relcutant on taking up his offer, and several times during the corse of the day, wondered what the heck I was doing. One of those times was when I walked into the Moshofsky center, the Ducks equivilent of the Truax center. This is just like Oregon State... but... but... they're all wearing different colors! But all those times I questioned my descision to go to a Ducks game, it all payed off to see the frustration of all the Duck fans. I tell you, there is nothing else like it. Guys getting thrown out for hurling bottles onto the field. But I digress. I did get a good look at the Ducks (from Row 2, I might add) but I will get to the previews of the Ducks and more stories from Saturday later. For right now, lets talk about this weekend's win over Stanford.

I wasn't able to watch the game on TV for obvious reasons, but I did listen to most of the game on the radio while I was watching the Duck game. The general assumption I got from the radio broadcast was that the Beavers wern't at the top of their game, but still were able to beat the Cardinal 30-7. It sounded like the Beavs came out uninspired and flat, for arguably the second straight week. We can only hope that issue won't be a problem next week. I mean, how can you not be excited for the Civil War.

We could go on talking about this game for awhile longer, but I know we're all anxious to talk about this Friday's Civil War.

I'll get you a review of my experience at Autzen Stadium by tomorrow night.

Go Beavers!