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Pac-10 Football Saturday

Here's a look at some games going on elsewhere in the Pac-10 Today:
Arizona at Oregon (12:30 p.m., Comcast 3)
The Ducks are obviously favorites in this game, but don't look over Arizona. Arizona knocked off Cal handily last week, and wouldn't it be oh-so-sweet if they could do it again.  Prediction: Oregon 35, Arizona 28
Oregon State at Stanford (12:30 p.m., FSN)
Scroll down for the preview, scroll up for the game thread.
Washington at Washington State (3:45 p.m., FSN)
The Apple Cup. After Washington lost to Stanford last week, do they have any hope of winning this game? I don't really think so... Prediction: Washington State 21, Washington 6
No. 17 Cal at No. 4 USC (5:00. ABC)
Gosh, I don't know who I want to win this game. I want to see Cal go to a BCS Bowl. If USC runs the table against Notre Dame and Cal, that would probably put them into the BCS National Championship game. The only reason I would want the Trojans to beat Cal is so we could say we beat the National Champions. That is, if the Trojans actually win the Championship Game. (Deja vu from last year, anyone?) Prediction: Cal 21, U$C 17
UCLA at Arizona State (7:15 p.m., FSN)
Well, this should be a good game. After playing both these teams, UCLA had a better showing against us, it's just that we sort collapsed. However, I think Arizona State is the better team.  Prediction: ASU 21, UCLA 13