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A Closer look: Stanford

Here's a in-depth look at Saturday night's opponent, the Stanford Cardinal, less formally know as the Trees.

This year's Stanford team may be just about as interesting as the picture you see above...

Now, on with it.

@Oregon - L, 48-10

@San Jose State - L, 35-34

vs. Navy - L, 37-9

vs. Washington State - L, 36-10

@UCLA - L, 31-0

@Notre Dame - L, 31-10

vs. Arizona - L, 20-7

@Arizona State - L, 38-3

vs. USC - L, 42-0

@ Washington, - W, 30-3

OSU vs. Stanford

Offensive Stats

Team GP Rush YPG Rush YPC Rush TD's Pass YPG Pass TD's QB Rating Pts Per Game
OSU 10 118.7 3.5 16 236 10 131.9 25.5
Stanford 10 63.1 2.0 2 167.3 8 91.0 10.3

Defensive Stats

Team GP Rush YAPG Rush YAPC Rush TD's Pass YAPG Pass TD's Pts Allowed Int's
OSU 10 23.8 3 11 197.3 11 20.6 13
Stanford 10 43.9 5 25 173.0 12 32.1 7

Now... what does all this mean for the Beavers?

Well... er... where do I start? Once you know a team averages 10.3 points a game, is last in the Pac-10 in nearly every conceivable offensive category (including time of possession), however, there is proof that these guys are from Stanford- The only category they are first in? Penalties. They have the fewest in the Pac-10, with 51. The Beavers on the other hand, have 69.

Those, however, are just numbers. Once both of these teams step on the football field, none of this garbage matters. It's Oregon State vs. Stanford, and that's what we've got to be focused on. We saw Stanford upset Washington last week, which is another team headed downhill, but still, its a win Stanford needed to regain a positive feeling for themselves.

The Beavers can't have another dull performance like last week. At least turn some death metal on in the locker room or something.

The Beavers will be heavy favorites tomorrow, but when it comes down to it, just like the classic pick up line...

"Age is just a number"

Stats are just numbers.

Go Beavers! Beat Stanford!