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Stanford: Initial Thoughts

As we get closer to game day, let's throw out a little bit of what we know about Stanford before we break down their team further in the coming days.

Stanford, well, has had some problems this season. Prior to last week, they were 0-9 and riding a 11-game losing streak, the longest losing streak Stanford has had to endure in nearly 50 years. Prior to beating Washington last Saturday, the last team the Cardinal had defeated was Oregon State, a game they probably shouldn't have won, and I think Beaver fans will agree with me.

The Cardinals streak was the second longest in the NCAA- only Duke could top 11 straight losses. They have 18.

In fact, in the five games prior to last week, Stanford had been outscored 162-20. Against the Huskies, Stanford's offense only had seven first downs, rushed for only 20 yards and had just 6 yards of total offense until its last drive of the first half.

Oregon State shouldn't have any troubles attacking Stanford- their defense is ranked 113th in the country. On average, they give up 392 yards a game.

T.C. Ostrander
(Linda Zhu/ The Daily Californian)

The Beaver D will go up against T.C. Ostrander and the Cardinal Offense. Stanford has been lacking production her as well, as they are dead last in the Pac-10 in this category too, averaging 230 yards a game.

To win this game, the Beavers need not to blow it off, like I believe they did the UCLA game. They need to come out of the tunnel fired up, just as if it was the Civil War. We come out dead, bad news.

Go Beavers!