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College Football Saturday Recap: Upset Central

So, sports fans, here are the results of the Pac-10 games I featured yesterday, as well as the main three upsets that will shake up the BCS picture.

24 20
Arizona 24, No. 8 California 20
Who would of thunk it. In my preview I told you not to overlook Arizona, as they knocked off a good 8-0 UCLA team last year, and they've done it again. The Wildcats took away Cal's National Title hopes, but the Bears can still clinch a rose bowl berth with a win over USC next weekend. Cal had many chances to score, and at times they did, it's just their long runs and pass plays were often negated by penalties.
"The whole game was like plays going their way," Cal cornerback Daymeion Hughes said. "I was like, 'Man, this can't be real'."
20 3

Stanford 20, Washington 3

Well, what do you know. Washington loses it's sixth straight, and Stanford finally gets on the board with a victory. The Beavers travel to play Stanford next weekend, and hopefully they can get a win to become bowl eligible, and also stay near the top of the Pac-10, possibly setting up a showdown of teams with alike records in the Civil War. That is, if the Ducks can get past red-hot Arizona.
47 14
Arizona State 47, Washington State 14
Honestly didn't see this one coming either. After seeing Oregon State play both these teams, I thought the Cougars would take care of Arizona State no problem, but that wasn't the case. Washington got off to a fairly descent middle of the season, but resectly it's been going down hill... this is their second strait loss.
35 10
No. 7 USC 35, No. 21 Oregon 10
Ok... so let me ask you this. Would you rather see the Trojans collapse against Cal and not make it to the National Championship game or a major bowl? Or would you rather them win the National Championship Game, then Beaver fans could say that their team beat the National Champions?
Well, I don't know either.

So there is a review of the Pac-10 games (Other than OSU-UCLA) that went down yesterday. Lets take a look at some other games that have been stirring the BCS Soup.

45 42

Kansas State 45, No. 4 Texas 42

28 25

No. 15 Rutgers 28, No. 3 Lousiville 25

37 15

Georgia 37, No. 5 Auburn 15