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Pac-10 Football Saturday

Before we get too excited about tomorrow's game in Corvallis, lets take a look at what other matchups will also be going on in the Pac-10 Conference.

Arizona State at Washington

The Huskies are still without star Quarterback Issiah Stanback, as they will likely be for the rest of the season. But Arizona State can't overlook the Huskies. Washington took a very tough Cal team, (fresh off a win over the Ducks) into overtime, and lost by a touchdown. Arizona State on the other hand, needs a confidence boost after a shaky start. Prediction: Arizona State by two touchdowns.

Washington State at UCLA

This has the fixins to be another good game. Washington State also knocked off the Ducks, so anything is possible. UCLA has performed below expectations this year, so in my opinion, this game could easily go either way. Prediction: Washington State by a field goal.

Portland State at #25 Oregon

As much as I want it to be (-sly smile-) this game shouldn't even be close. The Ducks are in the middle of their Pac-10 schedule, and playing at home, their tough to beat. Prediction: Oregon by a lot...

#3 USC at Oregon State
Preview coming later tonight...

Go Beavers!