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Arizona Wildcats: A Win is a Win



The game definitely didn't look pretty to me, and we definitely wern't clicking on all cylinders, but I'll take it. Our two touchdowns came early in the game, and I can't understand why we can't get out to these leads and then fail to put the team away. This time it costed us, as the Widcats had a few chances to tie the game on Hail Mary plays late in the game, but eventually a interception by Daniel Drayton at the 1 yard line ended the game for good.

The Wildcats got the ball at their own 20 with :59 remaining in the game. They threw three completions and drove to the OSU 28, but Alin Darlin sacked third string quarterback Kris Heavner, which prompted the hail mary that was intercepted.

We've got USC this Saturday. If we're going to get a early lead, we've got to work on adding to it, and not letting the game swing back to haunt us.

Go Beavers!