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Cal Bears: It was One of those Days

It's about time that we aren't mumbling those six words after every loss.

Cal scores 2:07 into the game on a 39-yard pass that could of been covered. One of those things.

The Beavers counter with a nice drive of their own, get to the 9 yard line, and fumble. One of those things.

OSU gets the ball again, gets a first down, and goes three and out. Cal scores on the next drive. One of those things.

OSU puts together a nice 7 minute drive, but has to punt near midfield. Cal scores on their next drive. It's starting to turn into one of those days.

The replay official's headset didn't work. They had to use a cell phone. It was one of those days.

And then finally at the end of the half, Alexis Serna hits a 58 yard field goal. Finally something to cheer about.

So my question is this... why after every game are we forcing ourselves to answer these questions? There is no doubt in my mind that Cal isn't that much better than Oregon State. Heck, Washington State hung with USC until the very end of the game. Could of beat them. We play Washington State next week. Will we be talking about these questions next week? What made us so much worse than the Bears?

We're in a rut. If you're in a slump with your golf game, it's not going to get better if you don't change something.

Something is going to have to change.


Go Beavers!