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Beaver Nation breathes a sigh of relief as OSU wins

"We always win here"

Those four words are the exact four words that the Washington Huskies didn't want Coach Riley to be saying in the locker room following tonight's game.

For the Beavers, we'll take it.

In what has been a tough season to get things moving in the right direction, the planets are finally starting to align for the Beavers.

The Defense made a strong showing last week, but we couldn't find the offense. This week, both units showed up to play. The Result? A win.

This game gives Beaver fans a little less to be worried about, and less to make noise about. Moore rebounded well this week, and the strong win gives Beaver Nation less grief to throw Riley's way. However, we need to keep in mind that this is only one game. The Beavers looked very strong against Eastern Washington, a week before falling flat on their face against Boise State. Granted, Eastern Washington is Eastern Washington, but still the Beavers were clicking on most cylinders.

Running back Yvenson Bernard had a great day, tearing apart the Husky defense. He ran the ball 23 times for 144 yards with two touchdowns. His first touchdown came in middle of the first quarter to put the Beavers on top 10-3. Mike Parker with the call:

6:13 1st Quarter

His second touchdown in the 4th sealed the deal for the Beavers, putting them 10 points ahead of the Huskies:

12:32 4th Quarter

We saw a very promising Mike Hass-ish performance today from junior wide receiver Sammie Stroughter, racking up 223 yards on 7 catches. He got a large handful of yards on the 80-yard screen pass he had late in the third, where three flags flew, and most of us thought the play was coming back. The penalty was on the Huskies, and the touchdown stood. This score put the Beavers in the driver's seat, and gave them a 20-17 lead.

5:15 3rd Quarter

As much as it helped the Beavers, I hated to see Issiah Stanback go down in the fourth quarter. No injury reports have been released yet, and head coach Tyrone Willingham wouldn't make any comments. However, Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano said, "it doesn't look good."

We wish Stanback a speedy recovery, and maybe, just maybe, he will get the mojo back and knock the Ducks off the Pac-10 title race on November 4th. Then the Beavers can deliver the real blow in the Civil War. :)

Matt Moore had these words to say in his post game interview with Bob Akamian:

Go Beavers!