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Interview with UDubDish

Here are Zach from UDubDish's responses to my questions regarding the Huskies.

So right off the bat, If Washington got that last play off in the USC game, what would of happened?

UDubDish: Likely? Isaiah Stanback throws an incompletion. Game over...but of course, we'll never know.

From the few Washington games I've seen, Mr. Stanback seemed like he was carrying a lot of the load on this team. Is that true? Without him, what would this team look like? Does the success have anything to do with your coach?

UDubDish: Without him we would average about 6 yards of offense per game. The offense comes and goes with Stanback this year. The ground game was solid in the first two games, but RBs Kenny James and Louis Rankin haven't been able to get it going lately. The WRs have been clutch, making some spectacular grabs, but it's Isaiah's play-making ability that gives those wideouts the chance.

Washington has made a image for itself of being a scary team to play this year. Do you see any upsets hapening over teams like Cal or Oregon? (please say yes!)

UDubDish: I would just love, love, love to beat the Ducks. I hate Oregon with a passiona and to go to Autzen and shut up those Duckie fans would be incredible. But do I see it happening? Not really. I think it can, seeing how we were poor officiating away from possibly beating USC in LA.

With confidence, the Dawgs could really beat anybody.

The Huskies are currently 4-2 overall, but tied for third in the Pac-10 with a 2-1 record in conference play. Where do you see them finishing?

UDubDish: I see them finishing at 7-5 or 8-4...probably beating OSU Saturday, beating Stanford and beating WSU. The losses will come at the hands of Oregon and Cal most likely. And I see Arizona State at home as a toss-up. I'd love for the Dawgs to be 8-4 seeing how the expecctations at the beginning of the year were 5-6 wins tops.