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Washington Huskies: What to expect

1. Watch out for their Quarterback

Isaiah Stanback practically is the Huskies' offense. He has a good game, Washington has a good game. Stanback has a bad game, and anything could happen. He's a quick guy who is not afraid to run, but can also throw the deep pass. He averages 194 yards in the air per game, and is second on the team in rushing with 339 yards in the first six games. And oh yeah, he runs a 10.44 100-meter dash. Vince Young-ish?

2. They've got a strong defense

...especially in the red zone, where the Beavers usually have the most trouble. They held UCLA and USC to key field goals down the stretch where touchdowns could of put the game away. Jason Wells could be the softest spot in the secondary, and the Beavers will likely plan their passing attack around him.

3. Special teams

Their punter, Sean Douglas, has had a very strong year, averaging 46.6 yards on 30 kicks, his longest coming in at 82 yards in the Oklahoma game. And get this, he also had a 81 yarder in that game, but the first kick was returned 68 yards by Reggie Smith. Kicker Michael Braunstein is 4 for 6 with field goals for the year, and had a nice onside kick against U$C.

What the Beavers need to do to win:

Start strong, stay strong, finish strong. Basically. They need to get a quick lead, but can't get in the habit of giving the points back like they've done in the past with Boise State. It will take the crowd out early. If they get a early lead and give it up, the crowd is back into it, and touchdowns are harder to get.

What the Huskies need to do to win:

Force turnovers, and force sacks. Matt Moore isn't his strongest when the D-Line and Linebackers are chasing him all over the field, and that's when he forces interceptions. Interceptions are turnovers, and turnovers aren't going to help out the Beavers on offense.

Go Beavers!