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Adding more fuel to the football fire! Forbes weighes in on the Coach Riley 2011 assessment!


Oregon St. Coach Riley made the Forbes list of "College Football's Greediest Coaches In 2011" coming in at number nine. Now I know this is looking at one season's results, and I personally would argue that is a bit unfair overall, but it does make for provocative sports journalism! I also think this is interesting in light of the criticism about Coach Riley from the last couple seasons from many here and within the fan base. But to make me take it a bit more with a grain of salt, former Penn Coach Joe Paterno made this year's "Most Efficient College Football Coaches" coming in at number 9! They did provide a "note" about him being replaced this season. And it cracks me up that one side is "efficient" and the other side "greedy" but hey it is Forbes and the bottom line you know!

The Underrated Mike Riley


A nice piece about Riley. "Do not be fooled or misled by Mike Riley’s outwardly placid, Pacific Northwest-mellow, uncomplicated attitude. Oregon State’s veteran football coach is ultra-competitive, motivated by what he calls a 'fear of sliding backwards.'"

Carroll to Seattle: Now What?


Carroll is out at USC... who is in?


Coaching legends like Oregon State’s Mike Riley

I threw this up on my site, since I couldn't find it on the Sporting News Web site. I thought it was great to see these guys show Riley some well-deserved love. I thought this was well worth...

Tradition, similarities run deep between head coaches


Oregon State's Mike Riley and Pittsburgh's Dave Wannstedt have similar backgrounds that include brief stints in the NFL. Now, their paths will cross again in the Sun Bowl.

Some Good News: ESPN - Time to hand out hardware, Dash style


I like everyone else am pretty down about the season after that terrible game. BUT I think we all should feel good about the season and we should get ready for more of this type of recognition to come back at the Beavs. So check out Pat Forde's Frosh of the Year and also his Pac-10 awards (a little ways down the page). It won't totally bring back that warm and fuzzy feeling we had before Saturday but should put a little bit of pride glow back into your step.

Mike Riley's on-field interview after NUKING Tuscon, Arizona


This is Good Stuff, but it's a little bit dusty in here after watching it.

Guilty or Not Guilty? Beavers throw up house of bricks- dominate Wulff


You be the judge. Did Oregon State "pour it on" down the stretch? Was the Canfield passing touchdown unjustifiable? Washington State head coach Paul Wulff declined to comment when asked about...

Notes from the Portland Beaver Huddle


I had an opportunity to attend the Portland Beaver Huddle with Mike Riley today. Here are a few notes: As usual, KPAM 860's Bob Miller MC'ed the event. Risë (pronounced Reesa) Lakowske, the Oregon...

We Love Bob DeCarolis!!


At BtD, we LOVE Bob DeCarolis and we have an ongoing series to prove it!       Needless to say, we were all excited when Bob DeCarolis had an in-depth interview last week on the Joe Beaver...

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