trash talking circle

Hey guys I just wanted to make a video, showing you what this whole TTC thing is and maybe I can get a few new members of of duck nation I also will be posting this on other SB nation blogs

Undefeated Oregon State: It doesn't have to make sense

The surprising Beavers are getting some more attention nationally. It's interesting to see what the perception from the outside is.

pre game talk

Oh, them beavers Heck I got nothing to do before I go to the game... Alter Alter there is 50/50% of a rain front coming in tonight....No I'm not talking about Storm Woods...

Thomas Tyner de-commits from Oregon

Normally, Oregon recruiting news wouldn't merit mention here, except that Aloha HS stud running back Thomas Tyner is the same fellow that was originally considering OSU, watched the Beavs lose last year to Sac State, and turned to the Ducks instead. No embarassing loss by the Ducks to explain this latest reversal by Tyner. As the Ducks are in the thick of the NC hunt, and have been the dominant program in the Pac-12 (though OSU may have something to say about that), this is interesting. Perhaps it's for non-athletic reasons; perhaps he simply wants to check out other programs. But 'tis curious. At any rate, if he does visit UCLA, there's only nine more Pac-12 schools to go...

Vote for Cody Vaz

For the Capitol One Impact Performance of the week. He and the Florida QB are neck and neck right now, he needs a boost.

Another BYU Site With Questions About OSU

For another look at what BYU beat writers are curious about regarding OSU, especially now that the Beavers have joined the Cougars in replacing quarterbacks with knee injuries, check out what Academicallyineligible had to ask.

Mannion Out Indefinitely.

This is one huge punch in the gut. Time to make a ceremonial sacrifice to please the football gods?

Barney rests and reflects on errorless streak's end

Well it had to end sometime, and ended a bit of a good and bad for Darwin has the record but ends up tied at 141 games with Placido Polanco (2007).

Directv Deal Looks Like Its A Long Way Off

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott confirmed what has become obvious during the pre-game show for tonight's Stanford-Washington game, that it doesn't look like any deal between Directv and the Pac-12 is even on the horizon. The Pac-12 continues to hold out for getting the Pac-12 National Channel on Directv's basic tier, while the country's leading satellite tv carrier continues to insist on placing it in their sports package.


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