Vote for Cody Vaz

For the Capitol One Impact Performance of the week. He and the Florida QB are neck and neck right now, he needs a boost.

Another BYU Site With Questions About OSU

For another look at what BYU beat writers are curious about regarding OSU, especially now that the Beavers have joined the Cougars in replacing quarterbacks with knee injuries, check out what Academicallyineligible had to ask.

Mannion Out Indefinitely.

This is one huge punch in the gut. Time to make a ceremonial sacrifice to please the football gods?

Barney rests and reflects on errorless streak's end

Well it had to end sometime, and ended a bit of a good and bad for Darwin has the record but ends up tied at 141 games with Placido Polanco (2007).

Directv Deal Looks Like Its A Long Way Off

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott confirmed what has become obvious during the pre-game show for tonight's Stanford-Washington game, that it doesn't look like any deal between Directv and the Pac-12 is even on the horizon. The Pac-12 continues to hold out for getting the Pac-12 National Channel on Directv's basic tier, while the country's leading satellite tv carrier continues to insist on placing it in their sports package.

Early Season Computer Polls are Awesome

The Massey poll is one of the six BCS computers. After four weeks, it has one school from the state of Oregon at #1 and the other school at #17. Fairly consistent with the other polls, right? Well, Massey uses strength of schedule as a large component, and ignores margin of victory. Which means that this computer poll has the Beavers ranked #1 in the country!

2012-13 Pac-12 Hoops Non-Conference Game Rankings

Oregon State appears twice in the Top 15, with the Kansas game coming in at #4 and Alabama at #13. Other games of note are New Mexico State (22), San Diego (43), and Niagara (63). --Connor

Trent Bray From His Fathers' Point Of View

The Oregonian's Lindsay Schnell has a fun read on Oregon St. assistant coach Trent Bray from his father Craig Bray's point of view. The elder Bray was a long-time assistant coach, including at Oregon St., and Trent, who was one of the best players the Beavers have ever seen, is already a lifer in the business, and gets a chunk of the credit for the turnaround of the Oregon St. defense this season.

Pac-12 Institution Student Humor

The NOC has tried to sum up the stereotype image of the typical student at each Pac-12 institution, usually as it relates to the football team. Judge for yourself if they have succeeded.


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