Oregon St. Solid In 6th In Baseball Poll

It's also International Beaver Day, so that's something to celebrate!

Oregon St. stayed at #6 in this week's Baseball America Top 25 poll, after their win at Portland last week, and their weekend sweep of Stanford.

Florida St. stayed #1, but South Carolina dropped down from #2 to #5 after losing 2 of 3 at Arkansas.

Washington, having taken the last 2 of 3 from Oregon, continued to climb, and the Huskies are up to #9 from #14.

The Ducks dropped almost out of the top 25, falling from #19 to #25.

UCLA dropped out after dropping 2 of 3 to Long Beach St., leaving the Pac-12 with only 3 ranked teams.

Cal-Poly continued to edge upward, from #5 to #4, after the Mustangs took 2 of 3 from UC-Santa Barbara, and the Gauchos dropped from #17 to #22.

UNLV jumped from #25 to #20, while Fullerton St. stayed in the 18th slot to round out the west coast teams.

Kendall Rogers bumped Oregon St. up a spot from #7 to #6 in his Perfect Game Top 25, and also bumped Cal-Poly up from 5 to 4. Florida St. stayed atop the PG top 25.

Rogers moved Washington up from #18 to #12, but only dropped Oregon from #11 to #16, while dropping UCLA out.

UCSB slid from 16 to 19, and Fullerton from 22 to 23.

Collegiate Baseball moved the Beavers up from 6 to 5, and took a different approach at the top, elevating Lousiana-Lafayette to #1. CB had had South Carolina at #1, and Florida St. all the way down at #4, so the Seminoles are only #2 on their list.

Collegiate Baseball also upped Washington, from #11 to #8, and has Cal-Poly right behind Oregon St., in #6. They also actually elevated Oregon from #14 to #12.

UCSB is #14, Fullerton St. is #19, and they have Arizona St. ranked at #25, after the Sun Devils took 2 of 3 from USC.

The Coaches Assistant Sports Information Directors that vote in the USA Today poll also elevated Oregon St. from #6 to #5, and have Florida St. at the top now. But as proof that they aren't actually paying attention, they have Oregon ranked #12, STILL AHEAD of Washington, which they have at #17, despite the fact that the Huskies have the better overall and conference record, and just took 2 of 3 head to head.

The Beavers will work to edge upward in both the polls and the Pac-12 standings this weekend when they visit Washington St. for a weekend Pac-12 series.


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