Stability Breaking Out In Baseball Polls

Oregon St. stayed at #4 in this week's Baseball America poll.

Oregon St. Stays At #4

There are beginning to be enough games played in the collegiate baseball season to get some sense of sorting out of the teams, and the major churn of the first few weeks is over.

Baseball America has the same top 4 as last week, with South Carolina #1, followed by Florida St., Virginia, and, in the #4 slot, Oregon St., after the Beavers picked up a Tuesday win over Ohio St., and swept Utah in Salt Lake City in the opening weekend series of the Pac-12 campaign.

Oregon. who took the last 2 of 3 from USC is still at #12 as well.

UCLA did edge upward, from #25 to #22, after beating UC-Irvine, and then sweeping California.

Looking at the other west coast teams in the rankings, Cal-Poly did move into the top 10, landing at #7 after being #11 last week, The Mustangs swept 3 game series against both Northern Illinois and Wagner.

Fullerton St. stayed at #9, despite a loss to San Diego, as dropping 1 of 3 against St. Mary's.

The win by the Dons, along with a sweep of BYU, did move San Diego into the rankings, debuting at #24.

The other west coast team that's ranked is UC-Santa Barbara. The Gauchos made a 4 spot jump up, from #23 to #19 after beating Pepperdine and taking 2 of 3 from Wichita St.

Kendall Rogers' Perfect Game top 25 also held Oregon St. at #5, though that and Vanderbilt at #4 were the only spot in his top 6 that didn't change, after shuffling Florida St. up to #1, after taking 2 from UCF & 3 from North Carolina St., and South Carolina to #2 after the Gamecocks took a series from ranked Mississippi.

His former #1, Virginia, dropped to #3 despite a 4-0 week, a product of the relative sos of a game against James Madison, and 3 against Boston College.

Rogers also is on the Cal-Poly story, moving the Mustangs to #6.

He also moved Oregon from #10 to #8, and UCLA from #24 to #18.

Collegiate Baseball did bump the Beavers up, #7 to #5, while staying with their 1-2 punch at the top of South Carolina and Florida St.

The Ducks and Bruins also made 1 slot climbs in their top 25.

The USA Today Coaches' Assistant Sports Information Directors poll also kept Oregon St. at #4, with Vanderbilt still #3 and Virginia #5, as they were a week ago, though they did flip Florida St. ahead of South Carolina at the top.

Oregon, Cal-Poly, and UCLA all made moves upward in their poll, while Fullerton fell out of the top 10 there as well.

Oregon St. returns home this weekend, for a series against Arizona St. (9-8, 1-2). The Sun Devils lost the last 2 of 3 to Washington last weekend, and have a pair of games against Wichita St. Tuesday and Wednesday before heading for Corvallis.

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