Captain Obverses Overused ramblings

So there has to be someone who has to point out that a 7-6 year is not that bad of a year. Look the Beaver beat who they could bet this year; other schools such as Utah; Hawi, SDS, CAL, Cougs, BSU,BUFFs. (yes I know that the list is not in any order). So lets us look at a 7-6 year. I will attempt to show that a 7-6 year is not so bad of a year. (You opened up the ramblings so you could read it).

Yes of those above teams there are more than a few that did not play into Dec this year. I will not name them but more than a few would be an understatement. Then again the Beavers did bet a good BSU team. Sure one could say BSU was missing there head couch. (if one rewinds the game BSU new coach was on the phone when the second turnover for second DT happened). But an 8-4 BSU could be seen as good or bad (I’ll not be writing about BSU season go here to for that.)

Sure a 7-6 team does not look well and a game above .500 is not much to talk about. I think for a fan that goes to the entire home game schedule one can see this is not that impressive. Look at the list above all but two were road games. So that is better than one may think. If the Beaver would have pulled out one win at home against Stan, USC, Dogs, (I’ll not name the last team in this Dispatch). Just a win over Stan would have almost killed Stan’s year. If The Beavers had beaten Stan the Beavers could have been 8-5 and that looks a lot better then 7-6 sure it is only .615 games above .500 but that 0.115 does feel better. Just look at it 8-5 or 7-6 it feels more than .115 in my mind.

So to me it is all about that one more win. I think that the story about the Beavers would be totally different with or without that .115. as your read other narratives from most media out there. To me 7-6 is a weird place. 7-6 is either losing or a win season it seems when 8-5 looks just that much better. Of course there is always last year’s 9-4 season. And that the Beavers could have had another road victory (I’ll not be talking about that team in this dispatch either go to places such as for that kind information).

Just one more Before you go

Have a good year may it be 0.115 over 0.500.

From the Capt.

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