Oregon State CWS Factoids

I've been thinking a lot about how remarkable Oregon State's run (runs, really) have been since 2005, and some of the interesting facts that go with them, so I thought I'd actually list a few out. If you have any more of interest, please add yours below.

* Wednesday night's game was Oregon State's 20th game all time at the CWS. They have a 13-7 record all time. Since losing their first five games, they have won 13 of their last 15. Their .650 winning percentage puts them third all time amongst teams with a minimum of 20 games (USC at .740 and Minnesota at .708).

* The Beavers have won their last eight elimination games in a row in Omaha. They are 8-2 all time in CWS elimination games, 8-1 under Pat Casey.

* This year, Oregon State has eliminated the regular season champions of the Big 12, the Big East, and the Big 10 from the tournament.

* The Beavers have played six series this year where they lost their first game; they came back to win the series four of those times. Three of those series wins came against ranked teams -- Kansas State, @ Oregon, and @ UCLA.

* Oregon State is 13-2 in the second game of their weekend series this year, and 14-1 in the final game.

* Oregon State was the only team in the Super Regional that lost their first game and came back to win the series.

* The Beavers are the only national seed who has now matched the expectations set by their seed, guaranteeing themselves at worst a 3rd place finish. North Carolina could match that feat, but only if they win it all.

* Oregon State has won three elimination games in this tournament. Only North Carolina can match that at this point, although they have another one today.

* Both times Oregon State has won so much as a single game in the CWS, they have won the entire tournament.

* Oregon State has won 50% of the CWS they have participated in. This is exceeded only by USC (12/21 for 57%) and Minnesota (3/5 for 60%). Pepperdine has also won 50%, 1/2. One way or another, this will obviously change sometime in the next week.

Sources: My brain produced a lot of information, but a reasonable amount (and most fact verification) came from this NCAA document about College World Series records. A lot of fact verification also came from Wikipedia, and was also a valuable resource.

It's certainly possible I made an error, although I checked fairly carefully. If you see something incorrect, post below and I'll see what I can do about getting it fixed.

And, finally, my four favorite videos on Youtube:

2006 Oregon State baseball, part 1

2006 Oregon State baseball, part 2

2007 Oregon State baseball, part 1

2007 Oregon State baseball, part 2

I'm hoping to add a 5th and 6th in a week or so.

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