Oregon State Opens Basketball Practice Facility

The ribbon is cut, opening the new Oregon St. Basketball Practice Facility.

The long awaited basketball practice facility is awaited no more. With hundreds of donors, alumni, family, friends, student-athletes, and other supporters looking on, the ribbon was cut into a series of keepsakes, and the new 34,500 square foot, 4 story building was open.

Former Oregon St. stars Gary Payton and A.C. Green joined Athletic Director Bob DeCarolis, Men's basketball coach Craig Robinson, women's coach Scott Rueck, Jim Rudd, co-Chair of The Campaign For OSU", and current players Roberto Nelson and Alyssa Martin did the co-snipping.

Other notables on hand included former Oregon St. legends Charlie Sitton, Jared Cunningham, and Carol Menken-Schaudt, as well as former mens' assistant and head coach Jimmy Anderson and womens' coach Aki Hill.

"What you'll see of this facility is that it's going to be a game-changer," DeCarolis said, "but more importantly, it makes a statement that OSU is committed to being competitive at the highest level. I think you'll get a great feel for how this facility will impact the development of our student athletes."


The $15 million structure features 2 courts, as well as locker rooms, and satellite training and medical areas. As can be seen above both the men's court on the 3rd floor, above, and the women's (located on the ground floor) below, the coaches offices overlook the floors, which feature 2 different treatments with the new logo.


"We've got a former athlete right now who is playing professionally right now in the NBA in Jared Cunningham, who like most of these guys, weren't considered a pro when they got here," Robinson said, "but he worked hard and became a pro. With this facility, each and every one of our guys can fulfill that dream of trying to make it to the next level because they will be able to use this place seven days a week."

"This is a huge marketing tool, and you can understand that being part of Beaver Nation for so long. We all love this place. We all know this place. We all know this is the place most people want to come to go to school, but the fact of the matter is, when you're recruiting against folks who have more resources, who live in larger metropolitan areas, we have to have something that gets them here to visit this place. That's what this practice facility will do."

Rueck echoed Robinson's thoughts on what it will mean to the success of student athletes.

"This gift is invaluable." Rueck said. "This is a facility that's going to allow young people to realize their potential, at a different level than we've ever been. To me it represents pride, vision and passion and that's what this place always has been about this sport."

"I'm proud to be an Oregon State alum. I don't have to point out all the changes around here. It's evident. But this OSU Basketball Center is one more huge reason I'm proud to be from Oregon State. This place proves that we're committed to excellence and we're demonstrating that to our students and that they are our top priority."


"This is a game-changer," Green added. "It really is because this is what recruits want to see, and this is what they need to see. This is who we are. We are the Oregon State Beavers. This is what we want to show and convey, not only to our colleagues out there on other campuses, but also to the world itself."

The teams will be moving in in the coming weeks, as the final touches are still being completed.


(Photos via Oregon St. Athletics)


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