Downsizing of fandom: to be a Beaver or a Wolf

Another Beavers Football year came to an end with a Beaver s’ win in their give bowl. Hey, at least the reporters got to go. When one looks at it the Beavers' football team is 7-6 so we can be happy about that. BSU played a good game and will be rebuilding to become a top 15 again; they lose of Peterson did and will make a difference. The same can be said for the Beavers. I believe that 7-6 in the Pac-12 would be like going 8-5, 9-4 in the old WAC or maybe the old MWC before TCU was in the MWC. So this got me thinking maybe I should be WOU Wolf fan. As my son is older now he asks me all the time if I'm a fan of this team or that team. I'll take a look at this post season question and try to give some thoughts on downsizing my fandom.

Don't get me wrong I have just the normal fan complaints the Beavers need to do this or they could do that. I just feel that the Beavers are worth the money one spends on them. Sure, I don't give money for my seats but I have bought season tickets done so since I got out of the services; wow seven years have flown by fast. Sure as fans we can talk about this problem with the Beavers and that problem with the Beavers but in the end I think it has to be remembered that guys like me who sit and watch the whole game from 90 min before it and then to 00:00 in the forth can still afford them. This is not that bad if you ask me (if your reading this then you did so Ha).

The problem with me is I've got to get a third seat soon; as in the next season or two. But at this time I can't buy a seat by my seats as they are owned by a couple that gives their tickets to their kids every year and they sell the Civil War tickets. So thought the Beavers tickets can be had for a reasonable price .My unwillingness to spend more money does give me some pause. The only way I could get three seats is if I move down but this would cost me three to four times as much as my section now or If I did move in my given section I'd have to move 15-20 rows up and as anyone that sets in the Valley View knows the further one goes up the worse the view gets. So as I'm one of those Beaver fans that did not go to school there it got me thinking about become a fan of another team.

So I went to Western Oregon twice this is the school I started at and finished at. I did what I called foreign exchange I went to school for three years went to the service four and then back to Westerns for one year to finish. In fact I give the school $50.00 a year sure it not much but hey it is something, So looking at their sport and the cost they are even more affordable as paying for Wolfs ticket would only cost me half of what I spend now. This and game would not start a 6:00 to 8:00 at night. So sure there would be an economic benefit to be true to my school.

Without my Beaver fandom I’d miss out on seeing big time players making big time plays sure some of those players maybe from other teams but the Pac-12 has a lot of talent. Every game seems to mean something to the regional media coverage even if we agree with it or not. I’d also lose a little history. This includes facts that my whole wife’s family is a Beavers’ alums. My first big sporting event was a Beavers’ football game that happened right after I came home from boot camp. My son’s first major sporting event was a Beavers basketball game, which they lost.

So I guess one has to answer for themselves what is their fandom worth to them. In the end I’m a fan to pass the time away and to make new members to have and to hold on to with as the family’s ages as they tend to do.

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