We should be thankful for Mike Riley.

It's amazing, but Coach Riley and his staff have come under significant fire lately. This is ridiculous. Some fans don't realize how lucky we are to have coaches of their caliber leading the football team!

Just think how bad we could be if we let Riley go and got another coach. Imagine all the horrible things that could befall our program:

We could have mediocre 5 or 6-win years. Heck, we could even go 3-9! Some of you might think I'm being crazy here, but without Riley, we might even lose to FCS teams like Sacramento State and Eastern Washington. AT HOME. It could be a nightmare. They might put 30 on us. Heck, they might even put up 49!

Without Riley and his crew, we could end up with a team that looks completely lost. Mobile QBs could run roughshod over our defense. Our running game could completely collapse.... and I shudder to think what our own QBs might do! They might throw multiple picks every game and be sackbait when they're not tossing touchdown passes to our opponents! Can you imagine that?!

Just think of the coach we would have to scrape up for our program. He'd probably lose multiple games in succession and show up at press conferences like a guy on death row, completely out of answers and options. How dispiriting would that be? And if you think that's bad, the gloom could permeate the players and fans! Reser could be taken over by empty seats, the fans not leaving at halftime shown sleeping in the third quarter on national TV. I mean, what a terrible look that would be.

Okay, okay, you might say things like this would never happen. It would be like the basketball team losing to some no-name school like "Coppin State." Just humor me a little more so I can put the fear of the Great Beaver in you - the fear of what could happen if we didn't have Riley.

The team could come out completely flat and heartless with the season on the line, and get curbstomped by some mediocre school (like Washington LOL, how sad would that be?) They could allow a school-record number of points (69 sounds feasible if we didn't have Riley and Banker to stop it) and get shut out until garbage time. The quality of football could be as bad as the 28 losing seasons, or even worse! Thank goodness Riley would never let that happen!

So put down the pitchforks, Beaver fans. Sure Coach Riley and Co. aren't perfect, but let it sink in how bad we would be without them.

As a side note, thank you, Bob DeCarolis, for making sure this wonderful crew sticks around for better or worse by giving them contract extensions for .500 seasons. Truly a work of genius and great athletic directing!

When it comes to this program, we have much to be thankful for.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Building the Dam staff. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon State fans.

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