BTD Top 25 - Strong at the Top

The Buckeyes fended off Northwestern to hold onto their spot in the rankings. - Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The top 5 held steady even with some tougher opponents.

Overall Poll:

1 Alabama 125
2 Oregon 119
3 Clemson 113
4 Ohio State 111
5 Stanford 105
6 Florida State 98
7 Louisville 96
8 Georgia 91
9 LSU 82
10 Oklahoma 71
11 Texas A&M 66
12 South Carolina 63
13 UCLA 62
14 Miami 60
15 Washington 55
16 Michigan 48
17 Baylor 39
T-18 Florida 38
T-18 Northwestern 38
20 Northern Illinois 30
21 Oklahoma State 26
22 Wisconsin 23
23 Notre Dame 17
24 Texas Tech 16
T-25 Arizona State 6
T-25 Fresno State 6
T-25 Mississippi 6
T-25 Virginia Tech 6

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Clemson Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Clemson Oregon Ohio St. Clemson Clemson
4 Ohio St Ohio State Louisville Ohio State Ohio St.
5 Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford
6 Florida State Louisville Clemson Florida State Florida St.
7 Louisville Florida State Florida St. Texas A&M Georgia
8 Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Louisville
9 LSU LSU Texas A&M Louisville LSU
10 Oklahoma Oklahoma UCLA LSU Texas A&M
11 South Carolina Washington LSU UCLA Oklahoma
12 UCLA South Carolina Michigan Oklahoma Miami, FL
13 Miami Michigan South Carolina Baylor UCLA
14 Texas A&M Northern Illinois Miami Washington Baylor
15 Florida Miami (Florida) Northern Illinois South Carolina Northwestern
16 Washington Oklahoma State Oklahoma Miami (FL) South Carolina
17 Northwestern Florida Washington Michigan Washington
18 Oklahoma State Wisconsin Baylor Wisconsin Michigan
19 Wisconsin Notre Dame Northwestern Notre Dame Florida
20 Baylor Mississippi Florida Northwestern Texas Tech
21 Arizona State Northwestern Texas Tech Florida Oklahoma St.
22 Michigan UCLA Fresno St. Texas Tech Northern Illinois
23 Northern Illinois Nebraska Virginia Tech Oklahoma State Virginia Tech
24 Notre Dame Texas A&M Missouri Central Florida Fresno St.
25 Texas Tech Arizona State Houston Missouri Notre Dame


The top 5 of the rankings are solid once again, as they continue to win and they all look far and away like the best teams in the country. The whole of college football teams seem to work into tiers currently, with the top 5 being completely stable. The rest of the top 10 could possibly move up with some losses by the top 5 but they seem fairly locked in as well currently. There is a middle section from approximately 10-20 where they could move up and down depending on how the voter sees their performances. The bottom five is a crapshoot though. An argument could be made for just about any team in college football, and it shows with the variation in the individual rankings.

Each voter has a variation on the effect of losses as well. It seems that most of the losses by ranked teams have come from other ranked teams or teams that were right on the edge of being ranked, and I struggle to punish teams too much for losing to good teams. I personally think that any team that loses to a middling to poor opponent will be either out or right on the edge. More of the ballots are more critical though, which is also fair and a large mix of teams get some votes, as noted by the four-way tie for number 25.

Florida State moved up after their drubbing of Maryland, who was getting votes until last week. The Seminoles leapfrogged Georgia and Louisville. Louisville continues to be punished for their weak strength of schedule as they slowly move into virtual anonymity without any real signature wins. Texas A&M has continued to climb as it becomes even more apparent that other teams are not exceptional and their offense run by Johnny Manziel will keep them up there in the ranks. Baylor has climbed up as well, jumping some spots after dropping a whopping 73 points on West Virginia, and moving into first in passing yards per game, and 2nd in rushing yards per game. Notre Dame also crept into the ranks after defeating Arizona State.

Washington, Northwestern, and Arizona State all lost and fell a couple spots, but as they were all to solid opponents the drops were small, although Arizona State is right on the edge of the ranks. Mississippi fell to Auburn after falling to Alabama and they fell out of the rankings all together.

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