Are The Beavers Pyrite?

Are we as Beavers’ like old-timey prospectors believing in the Beavers’ record only to be fooled and coming up with only fool’s gold with their 4-1 record?

I pose this question after watching the SDSU VS AF and seeing SDSU having to make a fourth quarter comeback to beat a 0-6 AF team. This made me start to think about the up and coming games verses the Cougars tomorrow and what chances the Beavers have wining this game and any further ones.

The Beavers’ opponents this year have a combined record of 11-14 or a 44% win percentage. If one looks deeper into the wins that the Beavers’ opponents have they are not that impressive. Wins over team like the all powerful Western Oregon , Weber St and aforementioned Air forces (hey I’m an Army guy so any chance I get dig at the chair forces (AF) guys I will). Yes, I understand the whole transverse property theory in college football is not the best way to judge a team. But looking at quality of Beavers’ wins leaves me with the feeling in the back of my head that the Beavers are setting up for a big fall as the season wears on and the schedule ramps up. Sure one can point out that Utah was a solid win but outside of them the other teams that the Beavers have faced just don't seem to be very impressive. Further, troubling is that in each of these games the game was still in question going into the half or even into the fourth.

On the other had football it seems to be much about momentum as it is anything else. As this team grows into itself they seem to becoming better with every week. The Beavers’ football as a system on both on sides of the ball is reported to be a complex one to learn and master. The offence passing game is one of the best in the nation and with some many returning from injury the running game has to get better sooner or later as teams have to focus on the pass more and more. The defense seems to be finding a footing and to me since the second half of the SDSU they are returning to their old ways and have made big plays in all of these game sans the first. If one takes a look at Riley teams historical they become better as the season progress also (this did not hold so true last year).

So where does this leave us? Are the Beavers smelting themselves into 24 carat gold out of the Eastern Washington game? Or are these victory just sparkling glints of color in another wise worthless season like from two and three years ago. Either way one looks at it fake or real Pyrite is still fun to look at.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Building the Dam staff. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon State fans.

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