Some Days, Its A Great Day To Be A Beaver

Oregon St . head coach Mike Riley receives a well earned congratulation from Athletic Director Bob DeCarolis after the Beavers beat then #13 Wisconsin 10-7 Saturday. (Photo credit: (20120908_ajw_US_Presswire_Jaime_Valdez)

With a bye week, we will all have some extra time to enjoy the biggest regular season non-conference win in a generation, the team included, and also time to break down what went right, and what didn't, and still needs some attention, but its easily the best Monday morning to be a Beaver in quite a while.

It's also fun, as well as gratifying, so see others taking note. Pacific Takes takes a particularly pleasant look at the return to relevance of Oregon St., and especially head coach Mike Riley.

Meanwhile, its interesting to see that ESPN awarded a helmet sticker to defensive coordinator Mark Banker. Banker's helmet wearing days are long gone, but if they actually send one of those out, it would be one cool sticker to put in the back glass of your car.

Of course, for every big win, there has to be a big loser, and it looks like its Mark Markuson this time. Markuson was the Wisconsin offensive line coach, but is now unemployed, as a result of the shutdown job the Beaver defense did on the Badger offense. (Buildingthedam was unable to confirm reports that Markuson received a call of condolence from Mike Stoops, who lost his job after losing to Oregon St. last year.)

One of the best pieces of news from the aftermath of the Wisconsin game is that Riley reported the Beavers emerged healthy (another stark change from most games last year, but also one of the key reasons for the stark change on results). Riley did say freshman center Isaac Seumalo will be taking it a little easier than normal for a couple of days, but with the bye, that's appropriate.

Despite a couple of penalties that were debatable even once the orange tinted glasses come off, and a couple of snaps that weren't perfect, given the opposition, and the fact that the defensive front is the strength of the Wisconsin team, Seumalo's performance Saturday exceeded even the wildest parent hopes of his dad, and those of even the most optimistic Oregon St. fan. Great first game, kid!

Oregon St.'s season opening win also earned them attention from voters nationally in both the AP and Coaches Sports Information Directors polls. One win didn't propel the Beavers into the top 25, nor should it, but they are 29th. in the AP, and 34th. in the SID's poll. Wisconsin dropped to #32 in the AP.

The Pac-12 had a pretty good day Saturday, going 6-1 against other BCS opponents, and both of Oregon St.'s next opponents, UCLA and Arizona, moved into the top 25, joining USC, Oregon, And Stanford.

UCLA is #22 in the AP, after upsetting Nebraska 36-30, and Arizona broke in at #24, after bombing Oklahoma St. 59-38.

So the Beavers can't rest for long. But they should be walking around campus with a spring in their step today.

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