Why do we bother?

I find myself asking this question more and more. Why do I follow the football team and care even one bit? I don't understand. Every year we get our hopes up because dammit wewerethisclose the year before... or we get out to a surprisingly good start. And every year the team pisses it all away.

2008: One game from Rose Bowl, gets demolished 65-38.

2009: One game from Rose Bowl, loses on a trillion 4th down conversions by duckies.

2010: Things look good until THAT cheap end zone tackle. All downhill from there, 5-7.

2011: Well, at least the hope was killed early that year, maybe not as bad in a sense.... No, scratch that, it was bad.

2012: Blow undefeated season at Washington with horrible QB play, control own Rose Bowl destiny at Stanford, be up by 9 late in game, have "THE FUMBLE" to lose 27-23. Hanging with duckies 20-17 in third, start playing like the ball has cooties and freaking GIVE them that game. Completely pathetic.

Anyone noticing a trend? We cannot win the big games. The Beavers trip on their own tails when it counts most. And the worst part is, there is no reason to believe things will get better. After all, this was a "great season" (emphasis on the air quotes) or something, and we'll probably have 9 wins after next week. Yay. But does it feel like a great season? The team had a chance to be special, to be great. But instead it's another 9/10-win ceiling that could have been broken.

Losing is one thing. Losing winnable games because you're as resilient as wet toilet paper is another. Freaking show up.

Without money, marketing/fame, and facilities, that's about all that we can expect. And that's on the high end. I won't even say "fire Riley" because who's coming that's better? Exactly.

(edit 2: I take it back, watch the post-game press conference. Guy doesn't seem to care much. Less bothered than the fans and players. Too much complacency and "oh well." Attitude like that breeds mediocrity.)

Oh, and basketball season's just started. ahahahahahaha [bashes head into desk]

All I can say is don't count on college kids to brighten your day. The time I spend following this junk could easily be used to do something productive. Something I have actual control over or input into. Enough is enough.

Scotty out.

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