How many games do you think the Beavers are going to win this year?

I'm curious to see what the general OSU fanbase actually believes the Beavers are going to do this year. Not what they are capable of doing, but how you genuinely think they are going to do. I've seen a huge variety of speculation on message boards and on my Facebook feed from Beaver fans. Some think we should be thankful to go to a bowl because the offense looked so terrible against WSU, and others think we're Rose Bowl bound (or better) since the Ducks come to Corvallis and we're ranked #10.

In all likelihood, there are 8 games left:

  • @BYU
  • vs. Utah
  • @ Washington
  • vs. Arizona State
  • @ Stanford
  • vs. Cal
  • vs. Oregon
  • vs. Nicholls State / Pac-12 Title Game

How do you think the Beavers are going to finish the year?

I'd like to see this as a poll, but I think only mods can start one. (Maybe they can modify this post to add a poll?)

Of the 7 scheduled games left, I see 2 games they should be fairly heavily favored: Utah and California. (Obviously, Nicholls State would go here too if they play them). I would expect the Beavs to win all of these games.

4 games seem more like toss ups: @BYU, @Washington, vs. Arizona State, @Stanford. I think the Beavs win two of these four. Not sure which two, but two of them. Three isn't unlikely, and four isn't impossible, but I'd be surprised to see them all as victories. The Beavers have obviously won all of their games, but I don't think they've played like a Top 10 team does. There's a lot more improvement that needs to happen in order to get the Beavers through this stretch undefeated.

As much as it pains me to do it, I'll pencil in the Civil War as an L for now. The Ducks look really good, although perhaps more flawed than the last two years (although that may change by the time the Beavers get their shot at them). I have more hope the Beavs can win than I did the last 2 years, but I don't anticipate a win at this point. I imagine Vegas would have the Ducks about two TD favorites, and that sounds about right to me.

I'm currently thinking the Beavers finish 9-3, second (or tied for second) in the Pac-12 North at 7-2 or 6-3, with a berth in either the Holiday or the Alamo Bowl, depending on if the Pac-12 gets two teams in the BCS or not.

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