Simply, No Excuses: Coaches and Players (ESPECIALLY PLAYERS) Needs to Wake Up, or Start Over from Scratch

Quick Note: Just like football, hopefully, this is the last time I write this. But I think I'll probably have to write this type of editorial often just so our team can "Wake Up"

Our Basketball team started out really well. Right before we went into conference play, we only lost to two teams. One really ugly, one really close to tough opponent. Coming into conference play, everyone had really high expectation, including myself, to try to get to the big dance, or at least make the NIT.

Now with the loss to the Sun Devils, I can only say, our players AND coaches have lost all focus. They are making stupid mistakes, really REALLY stupid mistakes that should not even happen at all. Take a look at Stanford game. We were up by 10+ points at one time, only to BLOW IT AWAY and lose in 4 OT. Simply put, beyond unacceptable under any standards.

The coaches even know this, but I don't think they are using correct method to correct these mistakes. And Players, I don't think they are not even doing anything at all to fix these mistakes. They have lost any, if not ALL focus. I know they probably want to improve, but they are not taking anything seriously. I almost begin to wonder if they have any attitude toward winning.

I think the only solution at this point is this: Start over. Tear everything down, and just rebuild from scratch. I know I'm being harsh, but for last three years, I haven't seen any improvement at all. In fact, we are regressing faster like a runaway truck. I gave my paitent, but after this 1-6 conference start, I am losing any hope, and we are making same mistakes over, and over, and over.

Enough is enough. Unless Coaches and Players (Yes, players, I told myself to not blame the college players, but I had enough) It's time to tear everything down, and start over. Coaches needs to do a lot more for these young talented players, and for players, they simply need to grow up, and stop being childish and make High School Mistakes. Some of these mistakes players make is really fundamentals that should've been corrected before coming into college levels.

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