BlogPoll: Week 2 Draft Ballot

Here is my Week 2 BlogPoll Draft Ballot. I'm putting these up before the Miami (Florida)-Maryland game so you will have a chance to tell me what I need to change before I submit the real thing. Suggestions are due by 9:00 PM Pacific tonight, at which time I will submit the BTD Ballot. As in our last post, I'll defend my picks after the jump.

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings            Building the Dam Ballot - Week 2

Movin' On Up

Texas A&M - The Aggies move up two spots after their 46-14 thrashing of the SMU Mustangs yesterday. It also didn't hurt that the two teams in front of them, Georgia and Oregon, lost on Saturday. But still, A&M looked great and they deserve a top five spot.

Boise State - The team that looked the best this weekend were the Boise State Broncos, who went into Atlanta and lit up the Georgia defense. The final tally was 35-21, moving the Broncos up two spots in my ballot.

Florida State - We didn't learn much from the Noles' 34-0 shutout of Louisiana-Monroe, but I am placing them just ahead of Georgia and Oregon for now. We will learn more about them in a couple of weeks when they host the Oklahoma Sooners.

Michigan State - The Spartans didn't look great in their 28-6 victory over Youngstown State on Friday, but they do move up a spot thanks to TCU's loss to Baylor.

Clemson - Like the Spartans, the only reason Clemson moves up is because of TCU's loss. The Tigers pounded Troy, 43-19, in Clemson on Saturday.

Arizona State - The Sun Devils did all they could to prove that they belong in the Top 25, defeating an under-matched UC Davis team, 48-14 on Thursday night. 

NC State - The Wolfpack are the final team that benefits from the Horned Frogs' loss. NC State dominated Liberty 43-21 on Saturday.

Goin' Down

Georgia - There is no shame in losing to Boise State, but when you lose by two touchdowns in basically a home game, you have to be dropped a little bit. We'll know whether UGA is a legit top ten team or not this weekend when they host South Carolina.

Oregon - The Ducks did look awful on Saturday against LSU, and trust me, I'd love to drop them out of the top ten, but they are just too talented to drop out. However, if they don't dominate Nevada this weekend, we will definitely review the situation.

TCU - Besides for playing some awful defense, the Frogs didn't look as bad as everyone is making it out to be in their 50-48 loss against Baylor. I'm dropping them four spots.

So, what do you guys think? Tell me what I need to change and provide a good argument for it and we will change it!


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