BlogPoll: Week 5 Draft Ballot

Here is my Week 5 BlogPoll Draft Ballot. Suggestions for changes are due by 9:00 PM Pacific on Monday, at which time I will submit the final BTD Ballot. As in our last post, I'll defend my picks after the jump.

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings                     Building the Dam Ballot - Week 5


No changes here, as all five teams looked good on Saturday. The Crimson Tide ran over Arkansas 38-14, while in Norman, Oklahoma held off a feisty Missouri team, 38-28. The LSU Tigers looked impressive against West Virginia, defeating the Mountaineers 47-21. Virginia Tech and Boise State rounded out the day with a pair of twenty point wins against Marshall and Tulsa, respectively.


Both the Cardinal and Badgers move up a spot thanks to Texas A&M's loss. Oregon and Nebraska move up two places after big road wins for each team, and Arkansas rounds out the top ten after dropping one spot after their loss to #1 Alabama.


Our first four teams, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, and Clemson all move up two spots thanks to Florida State's 35-30 defeat at Clemson. The Seminoles round out the top fifteen after dropping three spots. I know some people (Fanoverboard) will want FSU lower, but their two losses have been against the 2nd and 14th best teams in the nation.


All of these teams are moving up multiple spots after big wins on Saturday. Ohio State moves up two after crushing Colorado in Columbus, and the same goes for the Michigan State Spartans after their big win over Eastern Michigan. South Florida, Oklahoma State, and Florida all move up four spots. The Bulls kept cruising along with a 52-24 beat down of UTEP, while the Cowboys proved that they were for real with a one point win against Texas A&M. The Gators offense found their stride in Lexington, knocking off the Wildcats 48-10.


Texas A&M is our biggest mover of the week, dropping 15 spots to #21. This might be a bit of an overreaction, but they looked absolutely terrible in the second half, at home, against Oklahoma State. Next up are the Trojans, who I originally had at #25, but they kept on moving up when I began to add new teams. Those new additions are Michigan and Baylor, who had 21 and 25 point victories this weekend. Rounding out the Top 25 are the TCU Horned Frogs, who rolled over Portland State, 55-13, in Fort Worth on Saturday.

So, what do you guys think? Tell me what I need to change and provide a good argument for it and we will change it!


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