CPT Obvious Ramblings

I've read a lot, around the Internet, of conjecture on what is going on with Coach Riley and this year's Beavers football team. These theories range from questioning Mr. Riley's mental condition and or heart for the game to this being just a normal year where the team uses the out of conference games as an extension of the of Spring and Fall camps. Before, I give my rambling thoughts about way this has taken place this year. I'd like to dispel a myth by truly taking a look and remind everyone of the Beavers overall record for the first four games of the last four and current seasons ( it is going to be painful I know):



W  Utah 24-7

L Cincinnati 34-3

W  Idaho state 61-10

L Arizona State 44-32

Season record:  9-4



L Stanford 36-28

L Penn State 45-14

W Hawai’i 45-14

W USC 27-21

Season record: 9-4



W Portland State 34-7

W UNLV 23-21

L Cincinnati 18-28

L  Arizona 32-37

Season record: 8-5



L  TCU 21-30

W  Louisville 35-28

L  BSU 24-37

W  ASU 31-28

Season record: 5-7



L Sac St 28-29

L Wisconsin 0-35



Season record: ?-?


So after seeing the numbers, the Beavers over the last four years and current season come out to being at .500 for the first quarter of the season and unknown for current season (I'm not going to pencil in losses just yet mind you, I have hope). I ask myself after looking at the numbers (with a little bit of a smile) how can this be all we have heard about for years is how bad the Beavers have been during the first quarter of the season. Even if you take these numbers out to 2005 the Beavers still average .500 in the first quarter of the year.

Yes, there are some bad losses, but let's face it in the end all that most say matter are the wins and loss (there is something to the sadness of losing big on TV). At any rate, what can we learn from this I say…. wait for it…. wait for it… we learn nothing because every year is different the players the opponents etc etc. But I'll go against the reality of life and come up some point we can gain from this both good and bad and some other random ideas it not much fun if we just leave it there.


The Good

 Taking in account the idea that the Beavers tend to play .500 ball for the first part of the year might mean that there is time for this team to grow and continue to learn the system. As some point out Coach Riley has a complex O and D playbooks. Therefore, I’d image (never played the game myself, but I play NCCA, does that count?) it would take real game action for the team to learn these systems and to trust them; in the military we call this the crawl, walk and run method of learning.

For example, I’d not want to just jump out of an airplane without learning how to first. As a side note I think that people forget or do like to forget or think about that this team is a super young team with some walk-on that are starters (not to be down on the walk-on but normal that means they are not as talented as the recruited player thought they may become great). So of course these guys are going to need time to learn the game and gel and with the bye week coming their way there will be more time to do so. Also, a thing of note is that there are so many injures on this team that time in camps has been lost to be able to do the aforementioned tasks that caused the Beavers troubles. (Simple ideas remember the title “CPT Obvious Ramblings”)


The Bad

I don’t care how much a mess a team is in the Pac 12 they should not loss to a 1-AA school (no offence to those schools but come on) especial one that is not on top of the 1-AA schools. I see that this game went side ways because they seem to be going with a pass first O that I think the team was not ready for. (I did not see the game but from what I’ve read this is what I’ve gather happened, I could be wrong)

The team went away from this in the second half and almost pulled it out in the end. I’m not going to get into the defense as I have not read enough about them or seen them in action as of yet. I think even Coach Riley knows he made a mess with the quarterbacks last week. I’m no way ever going to tell him how to do his job I’m a fan the only say I have is to buy a ticket and spend my money. But I do believe that he has done this team a disservice in his treatment of those two young man.


What I’d do

I’m not in the place to do so but, I’d make my play book a lot simpler and go with more base type of plays for the first three game to see if my team is learning the system. I point to all of the lost time in Spring and Fall camps as reason to why this team seems to be so behind the power curve.(remember the title of the this piece)


So to answer the above question why is this team in such disarray? I’d say like with most things the answer falls some were in the middle. Yes, Coach Riley in the end is responsible for what has happened on the field he makes the big bucks (I don’t think anyone should make that much money but that is a different subject for a different time). Thought, is it not still a little early to be calling for his and others heads? Yes, I do understand and appreciated the feelings that this year is just a continuation from last year’s woes but come on it is a new year with new players new and opponents etc etc.  Yes, should we as fans expect and hope and demand more of our team. But on the same token should we truly not just enjoy the ride good or bad to threaten to pull your support from the team is a little harsh don’t you think?  It is just a game I’ve been involved with more troubling events than watching a bad college football team. What do I know I'm just a CPT ?  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Building the Dam staff. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon State fans.

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