Oregon St. Updated Depth Chart

Safety Anthony Watkins (3) and WR Marcus Wheaton (2) are both "1s" on the Oregon St. Depth Chart, which has some updates. (Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon St. has released an updated depth chart that reflects some of the developments over the last 2 ½ weeks. It's worth noting that this isn't intended as the depth chart that will apply for next week's opener against Sacramento St. (it shows James Rodgers and Joe Halahuni as "1s" even though they will probably not play until the UCLA game).

It's also interesting at this point that everyone is an "or" at running back. Expect some decisions to be made over the weekend, as not red shirting one of the freshmen seems an unlikely diversion of a lot of talent onto special teams. Don't expect Malcolm Agnew to be wearing red (unless he gets hurt in the next 10 days) though.

Along with WR Brandin Cooks and Tyrequek Zimmerman, Agnew has demonstrated that Riley is now recruiting multiple players that can not only contribute, but be key players, as true freshmen, rather than needing a gray shirt, then a red shirt, then a special teams and scout team season, before breaking through. (Not that that route isn't still a part of Riley's system too.)

Ryan McCants will probably step onto the field as the starter against Sacramento St., but at this point, the player who will have the most carries and rushing yards in the first few games will probably be Agnew.

"Sonic Boom" Cooks could well start in Rodgers' absence, and Zimmerman, who was a WR until part way through camp, could see a start sometime too if Lance Mitchell's abdomen acts up at some point. Zim and red shirt freshman Ryan Murphy have demonstrated playmaking ability that will probably get them on the field in 5 and 6 DB situations as well.

Castro Masaniai is listed as a #1, after getting off to a week late start after settling his legal issues, and that's mostly due to the need for someone, anyone, who can provide a big stopper in the middle of the line. Ben Motter is going to get some reps as well, as situational substitutions are going to be the order of the day on the defensive line.

Andrew Seumalo's appearance as a "1" at DT with Frahm out, ahead of Dominic Glover, will surprise some, but not if they have been attending many of Oregon St.'s practices. Seumalo has been working well, and doing it whether he's surrounded by the 1s, 2s, or 3s.

The defensive side of the chart is more solid, in that it recognizes the absence of both DT Kevin Frahm and CB Brandon Hardin, who is having his shoulder surgery today, even though Frahm may make it back onto the field before Rodgers, Halahuni, or RB Jordan Jenkins.

Rashaad Reynolds has as expected solidified himself in Hardin's right corner spot, but if there's a position on the field that could see further changes, this is it. Even without considering a return by Hardin. At 5'10", Reynolds is not in the mold of physical DBs position coach Keith Heyward has otherwise loaded up with. Reynolds and backup Sean Martin, both sophomores, aren't long on experience either.

The offensive chart is more long term, focused on what the Beavers will look like a month from now if no one else gets hurt. Which assumes LG Josh Andrews will have recovered from his concussion and Grant Enger's excursion to provide depth at TE doesn't detract from his work on the line.

The chart does recognize the loss of TE Kellen Klute, but makes no provisions for the weekends off that Connor Hamlett and Tyler Perry have coming. Which is becoming more than just a depth issue each time Hamlett turns in a big play, such as the circus catch in last night's practice that was the highlight of the day. Ask yourself when the last time the terms "circus catch" and "tight end" were used in the same sentence.

(*'s = Letters earned)


2 ** Markus Wheaton Jr. 6-0 178
86 Obum Gwacham Fr-RS 6-5 223
18 ** Geno Munoz Jr. 6-0 190

23 ** Jordan Bishop Jr. 6-3 205
84 * Kevin Cummings So. 6-1 178

50 *** Mike Remmers Sr. 6-5 303
71 * Grant Enger So. 6-5 281

69 * Josh Andrews So. 6-2 295
61 ** Michael Lamb Sr. 6-3 290

70 *** Grant Johnson Sr. 6-4 293
62 * Geoff Garner So. 6-5 308

74 *** Burke Ellis Sr. 6-5 292
61 ** Michael Lamb Sr. 6-3 290

64 ** Colin Kelly Jr. 6-5 295
77 ** Michael Philipp Jr. 6-4 308

82 ** Colby Prince Jr. 6-5 260
89 Connor Hamlett Fr-RS 6-7 257

87 *** Joe Halahuni Sr. 6-2 255
88 Tyler Perry Fr-RS 6-4 241

12 ** Ryan Katz Jr. 6-1 214
14 * Cody Vaz So. 6-0 191
4 Sean Mannion Fr-RS 6-5 218

24 *** Ryan McCants Sr. 6-1 225
or 35 Malcolm Agnew Fr. 5-8 188
or 28 Terron Ward Fr. 5-7 189
or 34 ** Jordan Jenkins Jr. 6-1 205
or 19 * Jovan Stevenson So. 5-11 193
or 31 Storm Woods Fr. 5-10 192

8 *** James Rodgers Sr. 5-7 188
13 Brandin Cooks Fr. 5-9 170
15 *** Darrell Catchings Sr. 6-0 178
18 ** Geno Munoz Jr. 6-0 190

42 ** Clayton York Jr. 6-0 225
33 Tyler Anderson Fr-RS 5-10 215


91 ** Taylor Henry Jr. 6-2 258
78 Rudolf Fifita Jr. 6-3 263

98 ** Castro Masaniai Jr. 6-3 334
66 ** Ben Motter Sr. 6-5 285

49 ** Andrew Seumalo Jr. 6-3 281
96 * Dominic Glover Sr. 6-3 279

95 Scott Crichton Fr-RS 6-3 258
56 Rusty Fernando Jr. 6-3 232

5 *** Cameron Collins Sr. 6-2 238
13 ** Rueben Robinson Jr. 6-3 238
44 Jabral Johnson Fr. 6-0 225

41 ** Feti ‘Unga Jr. 6-1 243
43 * Tony Wilson Jr. 6-1 246
47 Josh Williams Fr. 6-0 226

40 * Michael Doctor So. 6-0 222
4 D.J. Welch Fr. 6-2 223
46 Shiloah Te'o Jr. 5-10 226

14 ** Jordan Poyer Jr. 6-0 190
20 * Keynan Parker Jr. 5-11 183

3 ** Anthony Watkins Jr. 6-1 218
25 Ryan Murphy Fr-RS 6-3 209

10 *** Lance Mitchell Sr. 6-2 207
8 Tyrequek Zimmerman Fr. 5-11 188

16 * Rashaad Reynolds So. 5-10 185
6 * Sean Martin So. 6-0 183


12 Trevor Romaine Fr. 5-11 193
18 Max Johnson Fr-RS 5-10 186

7 *** Johnny Hekker Sr. 6-5 221
48 Keith Kostol Fr-RS 6-3 182

7 *** Johnny Hekker Sr. 6-5 221
48 Keith Kostol Fr-RS 6-3 182

57 *** Marcus Perry Sr. 5-11 230
58 Michael Morovick Fr-RS 6-0 217

2 ** Markus Wheaton Jr. 6-0 178
14 ** Jordan Poyer Jr. 6-0 190

14 ** Jordan Poyer Jr. 6-0 190
16 * Rashaad Reynolds So. 5-10 185



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