Sergey's Thoughts: My First Beavers' Game

As promised, I have put together a small story for my first trip to Eugene and my first live Beavers event, in any sport (I KNOW!)  I did not get to go to the Sunday game against the Ducks due to some schedule conflicts; however, I at least got to go to 2 games.  The Beavers lost back-to-back games with the exact same score, 4-1, against the hated Ducks. Even though the outcome was way below satisfying, I had a good time. Pictures and a small write-up after the jump.

Note: I won't go into the box scores or breakdowns, cause I was too busy yelling, drinking beer and talking smack with the ducks fans. If you want a game breakdown go here

For starters, I am traveling form Alaska to Idaho for a geology field camp to wrap-up my degree; my parents are currently living in Albany, but moving to Stayton for good, so why not stop by and spend some time with them?  This wasn't even planned, but the Beavers are playing the last series of the regular season in Eugene, so I had to go. 


My adventure begins with the arrival at Autzen Stadium, went straight there before getting a hotel room.  Of course, I was already wearing Beavers always. The weather was changing every 10 minutes from rain to sun to rain to sun, typical northwest weather, but from what I understand, Oregon has had an unusual amount of rain this spring.


Walking around, I found a toilet seat and decided to pop a squat, apparently that's frowned upon, and apparently that's not a toilet seat...I still beg to differ. 


So here we go, game is about to start, I'm expecting a sweep by the Beavers, Pat Casey is looking good, exchanging line-ups and trotting back to the dugout.  Later in the game the umpire yelled at the skipper and the entire Beaver section erupted in boo's. 


Mr. Sam Gaviglio starting the game, I believe this was his first pitch. The sun decided to come-out finally....and left shortly. 


Ryan Barnes batting during game 1. I had a good picture of Brian Stamps, but since the dude did absolutely nothing during that game, I left it out. 


While walking over to "fowl territory" I took a couple pictures, apparently Ducks' #49 was stealing second. 


Ok, brush-off the 1-4 loss, let's play an early game, sun is out, this is great. And hey, Josh Osich is on the mound, maybe another no-no?! Well I believe the took the no-hitter into the 3rd inning, where things went south.


This was the call that go the ducks really wound-up.  The umpire said that Carter Bell did not go around, clearly, I had some good timing on the shot.  But the home plate ump called a strike on the beavers that was ankle high, either way, I was not impressed with the officiating during the 2 games that I watched. 


The famous duck. I hate that thing. Even though I kind of wanted a picture with it.  That girl is holding a pretzel and a water that she bought at the park, the duck "ate" a good third of it, and "drank" a good amount of that water, he was trying to be funny, but at ball park prices on food, I'd be more mad. 


Well the Beavers lost 2 games in a row, against the mediocre Ducks, what better remedy than driving to Corvallis and checking out Reser Stadium for the first time. It doesn't look as fancy as Autzen, but hell, a snack food company can only compete so much with the biggest sports apparel company in the world.  Hopefully I will come back to Reser next fall and watch a game, all depending on my job, but my fingers are crossed. 

Well, I'm flying up to Idaho bright and early Monday morning, and I'll be busy with my field camp work for 5 weeks, won't have too much time to check the site.  When I do check, I expect the Beavers to be winning their way to another College World Series championship. 

Go Beavers!!

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