Coach Robinson on the direction of Beaver Basketball: Good points? Or excuses?

I was listening to the Joe Beaver Show (like all good Beaver fans ;-)  ) and heard the interview Mike Parker had with Coach Robinson about the Glory Days event Tuesday about the desegregation of college basketball and about the OSU basketball team's trajectory.  Of particular interest to me was this quote:

I think where folks got a little bit sideways on what our progress should have been - There's sort of a disconnect because, you know, most people don't think of it the way that we think of it but each year, you know.  I wouldn't have gotten this job if the talent level hadn't been going down. So each year, my first year should've been my best year because those recruits were better than the recruits that came the year after that and than the recruits that came the year after that.  So technically, year three should be your worst year because if a team's going in the downward-sloping direction, that third year of recruits isn't gonna be as good as the recruits that you get - that you had when you first got there.  So now we're taking it back up again so we're at a positively sloping curve from a talent standpoint.


And philosophically, I don't believe in not coaching the guys that you inherit. I mean, you know, some people feel like you just cut the guys that you inherit and bring in your own guys right away. I just, I wouldn't want that done to me, I wouldn't want that done to my kids who play sports, and I wouldn't want to do that to other parents' kids who are playing sports.  So it took us a little bit of time to sort of work through that process, and thanks to Bob DeCarolis and the administration here, everybody is sort of on the same page.  So now that we're moving forward, we've got these, you know, more sort of talented, more athletic, a longer group of guys who are now have been - some have been two years now, some have only been here a year, but we're heading in the right direction.  So I am certainly putting pressure on myself to do better this year, and we'll probably have a more natural rotation in the lineup, but I couldn't be happier with this group of guys that we have.

                                          - Coach Craig Robinson on the Joe Beaver Show, May 16, 2011

Quotation from about minute 23 of this part:  ( Joe Beaver Show part 4 )

My general feeling from fanoverboard's end-of-basketball-season post was that Beaver Nation is "meh" on Coach Robinson's performance so far ("Beaverage" and "Below Beaverage" being the most common votes) and the declining year-over-year results were the main factor.

Does this quote (and the interview, if you listen to it) change your mind about the basketball team and the coach's performance in his first three years?  Does it change your opinion of Coach Robinson in general?

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