Jordan Jenkins Has Shoulder Surgery

Jordan Jenkins scored in last year's spring game, but will be watching from the sidelines this time. (Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Last week we discussed how Jovan Stevenson's shoulder felt good, and he's back in the mix in the search for a starting running back to replace Jacquizz Rodgers, who is going to meetings with pro teams (he visited with the New England Patriots last week), and waiting for the draft. That's a good thing, given that junior Jordan Jenkins, who got a good look in last year's spring game, is out for this spring.

Jenkins is having surgery today to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

With Stevenson out last year, Jenkins saw some limited work filling for 'Quizz, but he injured the shoulder during the course of the season. It was allowed to heal over the off season, but on Monday, Jenkins fell in practice, and when he tried to brace his fall, he re-injured the shoulder.

"It’s not the greatest news," Jenkins said. "It’s not the best timing, but it’s a lot better than being in the season, or beginning of the season. I’ll be back for fall camp and I’ll get back to competing. All I can do now is focus on getting healthy."

Jenkins returned to practice on Wednesday, but the shoulder didn’t feel right, and he had it checked out further. The decision was to proceed with surgery. As Jenkins noted, doctors expect him to recover in time for fall camp if surgery is done right away.

"He could do some rehab with it and try to play, but that’s too big of a chance," head Coach Mike Riley said. "He was going to practice Friday. He can do this stuff without pads on, but this is different from real football. He should just get it fixed, and it will be better for him in his life, too. It’s an unfortunate thing, and I feel badly for him, and for us," Riley added. "It will be a pretty extensive rehab."

Oregon St. returns to practice today at 2 PM, with their first session in full pads.

"We did a lot of work putting in plays last week, so it was a good week,"  Riley said. "In general this team is in good shape. There are a lot of guys who are better looking athletes because of being a year older, and a lot of good offseason work, which is as it should be. We’ll learn more about the running back situation every day. When we have the team run periods and scrimmages, we’ll learn more and more."

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