2011 NCAA Tournament: Connor's 2nd Round (Saturday) Picks

The NCAA Tournament continues tomorrow morning across the nation with the first games of the 2nd Round.

This year, I will be picking every NCAA Tournament game. If you want to join me in the comments section, I'll keep everyone's records as well. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 19th (All Times Pacific)

West Virginia vs Kentucky, 9:15 AM, CBS

A lot of people are calling for a Kentucky blowout in this one, and I do have the Wildcats winning. But I also like this West Virginia a lot, and I think they keep it close throughout the game. Prediction: Kentucky

UCLA vs Florida, 11:45 AM, CBS

Another great game to start the day. I'm going with the Gators for one reason - I love Chandler Parsons. This should be tight the whole way though, and don't count out the Bruins if it's within a possession in the final seconds. Prediction: Florida

More picks after the break

Morehead State vs Richmond, 2:15 PM, CBS

An unexpected 2nd Round matchup, but what should be an exciting one anyway. Both teams are here after 1st Round upsets, with the Eagles defeating Louisville and the Spiders knocking off Vanderbilt. Even though the teams appear to be even, I'm going with Richmond. I thought the Spiders looked better in their first game of the tournament, and their overall season looks better than the Eagles. Prediction: Richmond

Temple vs San Diego State, 3:10 PM, TNT

The Owls are here via a thrilling victory over Penn State, and the Aztecs are here after a blowout victory against Northern Colorado. Temple should be able to keep this one close for the first half, but San Diego State is just too talented to lose this one. Prediction: San Diego State

Butler vs Pittsburgh, 4:10 PM, T

I'm super, super tempted to call upset alert on this one, but I can't. I think the Panthers will be able to hold off Butler, but just barely. However, don't be surprised if a 1 Seed falls in the 2nd Round for the second straight year. Prediction: Pittsburgh

Gonzaga vs BYU, 4:45 PM, CBS

While Butler-Pittsburgh will be exciting, this should be the game of the day. Both teams come into the game after fairly easy victories in the first round. BYU hasn't proved anything though after the dismissal of Brandon Davies, and I think that's the difference in this one. Prediction: Gonzaga

Kansas State vs Wisconsin, 5:40 PM, TNT

The Wildcats impressed me after I picked them to lose against Utah State, but so did the Badgers with a big win over Belmont. This should also be a great game, but I like Wisconsin to escape in Overtime. Prediction: Wisconsin

Cincinnati vs Connecticut, 6:40 PM, TBS

Already we have our first all-Big East matchup, and the Huskies should roll in this one. Connecticut defeated Cincy by eight back on February 27th, and I'm expecting a similar result here. Prediction: Connecticut

Record: 27-9, Prediction: 37-30

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