Is Effort Enough?

I watched our team go eye to eye with the 4th best team in the country; I’m not calling them the 4th best I truly don’t know much about who is the best I’m just a simple fan but I’ll take the rankings for what they are. The Beavers held on for almost two and two third quarters of a game; they gave Luck and his crew all they could handle for most of the game.  As I sat there in the rain and cold I began to think is good effort enough?


The effort by the Beavers against Stanford was better than the result.

(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

A part of me says yes it is.

The pure entertainment of this game was worth going to it despite the rain and the cold. There for a moment, just a little moment, I began to think that this team could pull it off another big upset. This day would go down like the rest of recent memory, the USC victories and many others of the past that have almost been forgotten by time but I digress (I understand I do this a lot). This team seemed to give it all in this game and clearly like in other games this year it seemed there for a moment that the whole team could feel itself rise up and understood what it could be.  It has been these glimmers of hope a liking to the WSU, Zona and even parts of the ASU games that give us fans hope for better times.

I’m not saying that there has not been good effort in the other games but these games the effort has been clear enough to show a simple fan like me, that may not understand the ins and outs of the game, that this team does have a certain it factor in it that might rise up in years to come.

But there is that another part  

There is also a part of me that thinks that effort alone is not good enough. This is the side that wants bigger and bigger things for this program. The part that was unhappy with losing two races for the Roses two years in a row both by the hands of our friends to the South. This part believes that this team should be more than just giving good effort and anything short of victory is unacceptable.

This side is tired of the But the Beavers this, small market that, because of the here this. The Beavers are in the Pac 12 not in the WAC (no offence WAC teams I Love your style of football by the way) this team should always be at least 7-5 this would in bad years.   

Sure effort is nice and all but it does not pay the bills or bring home the victory or make for sustainable athletic program because as we all know football is the program that feed the rest.


But in the end as I walked back to my car and had to asking a fellow Beaver fan for a jump  because I left the light on think again to him (remember kids always have jumper cables). I begin to think again it went something like this… In the end it is about the moments the little moments in our life that matter most. With these moments there will be good efforts and bad efforts, and it will be always up to them, you, or I, if these matter or not.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Building the Dam staff. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon State fans.

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