A Civil War Victory: What Would It Mean?


Civil War time is upon us once again and I'm like many it brings with it good and bad memoires. Many of the long toothed Beavers and Ducks fans will remember times when the Civil War victory was the only thing to look forward to for the fan bases, no bowl games, no extra practices, no trips to undesirable place, I'm looking at you Sun bowl. But, as of late our showdown of dominance for the state have had larger implication other than just the right to live in our little state. So I ask what if the Beavers could pull off the unthinkable and once again take back control of the state. Would this simple victory expunge the bad memories of this year? I have to point out there are some bright spots to this season, even if they are only just small flickers.

Some would say no, that a Civil War victory is not enough. These folks would consider the season a total loss. They would expect that major change ought to take place over the off season. This change would range from the firing of Coach Riley and the athletic director to the replacements of the offense and defense coordinators.  A Civil War victory would only pour salt in these wounds and would just beg the question of what the season could have been?  The more fundamental believers would not want to see a victory at all because the victory would only be a hindrance to the needed changes.    

On the other side, some fans would see a Civil War victory as a phoenix for the season. It would be the start of a team on the rise again, and could help with recruiting over the off season. They would point to the Washington victory as a being to this rise of our beleaguered team.  A victory over the Ducks would show some much needed progress, a testimony that this team can also put back to back victories together. In a sense this team would not go through the one step forwarded two step backs mode it has been in all year. It would be a valuator for hope.

For this Beaver fan, I’m unsure what to think what a victory would mean or do for this team. I see the value in both of these tenets. The victory as it stands alone would warm this blackened Beaver heart because it would be a denial for the Ducks, like in 08 and 09, when they slashed and burned our dreams of roses. Images of the duck in 08 ripping off rose pedals still scar my mind.

Therefore, the question is yours; answer and share your ideas in the comments section you will. 


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