Why winning is not always the answer

After watching the beavers get trampled by the Golden Bears, I nearly wanted to smash my TV into the ground for very atrocious poor performance. Our defense couldn't stop the Bears and our offense couldn't do anything to move the ball. I nearly wanted to cry and mourn our season and think to myself, “What happened to our football team? Why did we degrees this much? I know the draft took away our star running back, but did our program go this far backwards?”

However, after calming down a bit, having some drinks, and looking back to our only two lonely wins, I finally came to realize that we should be lucky that we won at least two games this season.

First off, we are very, very, VERY young team. Our core offensive line is composed mainly of freshmen, along with a redshirt quarterback who we never heard of his name until that moment in the Sacramento State game. Those combination combined in the FBS team nowadays means we are in full rebuilding mode. Under today's FBS standards, we are not going to win a lot of games, and in my opinion, we were going to have only one win this season. Yes, I have lashed out at our Offensive Line for being very undisciplined and immature, but that before we beat Arizona. At that point, I thought we are finally on the roll. 

Then came more losses, most of them ugly, some of them close. Even though we only won one game after the Arizona win, I still could not bear to watch our team suffer like that. Instead, I wanted them put down like a very sick dog, just to put them out of a misery. I had the same feeling as I watch Beavers get mauled and eaten by the Golden Bears. 

After yesterday's loss, I decided to watch our team's past win while I drink some "Beverage" to at least put me back into comfortable mood. As I watched, I noticed something that was similar to all of our games: Our Attitude. 

You see, our attitude toward every football game is not about winning, it's about having fun. A very basic rule when we learned back in Pop Warner. A game is a game. In the end, whether we lose or win, we had fun, and learned something valuable as a team. Heck, even James Rodgers is still enjoying this year, even if it's not going his way. 

In today's age where schools only care about winning, winning, winning, and always consider losing purely unacceptable like in the NFL, our school still has class and attitude like the good old days: Just have fun, and be yourself. When you just focus on winning, you lose some of the identity. This is what I have seen within last few years, with all the schools jumping ships to different conference, because they care only about winning and going to better pasture. We only care about having fun, and nothing else. This has been a blueprint that had lead to our success for last couple of years. 

So, even though we are in the huge slump, we shouldn't become fans just only care about our team always expecting to win and go to the bowl game. This only puts pressure on the team as a whole, and eventually demoralize them, or cheat to just meet expectation. Look what happened to Ohio State, and now potentially Oregon. (then again, Oregon is Oregon). 

This is why I will stay a Beaver, and bleed Orange and Black for life, even if we are in the slump. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Building the Dam staff. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon State fans.

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