Desired Victory of the Future!

All Beavers want to win the Civil War, but other than giving our neighbors to the south the beating they so richly deserve, which remaining game most fills you with hunger for a victory?  Sure we would like to win them all, but if you had to pick one you could get a guaranteed win in, which would it be?


Here are the remaining games:


Arizona (10/8):  Mike Stoops is having problems this year, besides the usual ones that result directly from being Mike Stoops.  His team's only win is against Northern Arizona, and they were smacked down by Oklahoma State, Oregon, and Stanford, before losing to USC.  A tough string of games, for sure, but let's just say they didn't keep those middle three close.

Why we want to wallop the Wildcats:  This is our next game, it's at home, and 1-4 sure sounds a lot better than 0-5!  Plus it's Mike Stoops, and watching his sideline tantrums hijinks is always amusing.  But most of all, two words:  Adam Hall.  We all know Arizona was the turning point of the 2010 season for that 5-yards in the endzone tackle he put on James Rodgers.

Why it's not as big of a deal:  The Wildcats aren't even in our division, and their record is about on par with ours so far.  This victory might look better later, but it's not much to gloat about right now.

BYU (10/15):  These Mormons' mission should be to figure out what on earth happened to their football program.  It used to be really good, didn't it?  MWC Champs and all that?  Now they're barely beating a bad Mississippi team and needing to invoke miracle deflection-catches against Utah State.  Not to mention that they're known around the Pac for getting humiliated at home by Utah, 54-10.  This says it all.  (remind you of anyone else lately? :-(  )

Why we want to clobber the Cougars:  Sure there's the Pac pride, but there's also that Las Vegas Bowl we got demoted to after coming up 4 points short in the Civil War for the Roses.  I remember things getting a little chippy with them at the end.

Why it's not as big of a deal:  The game won't affect our conference standing either way, and I doubt most of us here really give a beaver dropping one way or another about BYU.


@Washington State (10/22):  Someone pinch me - they're actually winning games this year!  Like, you know, plural.  Against FBS teams!  They're showing heart and coming through in the clutch.  Did you see them at Colorado?  Nice win for their program.  Could 2011 finally be Paul Wulff's year?

Why we want to clobber these Cougars, too:  REVENGE.  Losing to WSU was the low point of last year.  This is something we will not hear the end of, almost as much as losing to Sac. State.  Nothing personal, Cougs.  I feel a certain camaraderie with your program and respect Coach Wulff quite a bit.  But records are records, and you beat us despite having a really stinky one.  That hurt.  It's time to return the favor!

Why it's not as big of a deal:  Because of those recent records, you just don't get as much respect for beating Wazzu as you used to.  Plus I'm kind of pulling for them in a way, just not against us.


@Utah (10/29):  Ute Nation and many Pac fans had higher expectations from the team than how they've performed so far.  Following up a loss to the Trojans with an at-home beatdown by the Huskies is a crappy way to enter the conference.  To add insult to injury, or rather injury to losses, starting QB Jordan Wynn is now out indefinitely with a shoulder injury.

Why we want to unravel the Utes:  The last time we played, Utah was having its Sugar Bowl season.  Somehow we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by giving up a touchdown and a field goal with about two minutes left.  That stank.  Also, for all of us AQ-conference superiority honks, a rough year in the Pac for this BCS-busting newcomer will give us some smug satisfaction.

Why it's not as big of a deal:  They're 0-2 in conference right now and feeling kind of down.  Personally, I respect Utah's program and loved watching them hammer Alabama in 2009.  Like Arizona, they're not in our division either.


Stanford (11/05):  Did you know that while I was typing this FanPost, Andrew Luck just threw for two touchdowns, brokered peace in the Middle East, and turned all the water in the San Francisco Bay Area into wine?

Why we want to cut down the Cardinal:  They're a great top-5 team, and it would be a great home win!  Last year they beat us 38-0, giving Coach Riley his first shutout defeat at OSU.  Win this game and we're all over the news... for the RIGHT reasons!  Oh, and that dancing tree is an abomination.

Why it's not as big of a deal:  No expectations, no pressure, and probably no win realistically.  A win here topples one of the Pac's best teams (if not THE best), and hurts conference perception at the end of the day.


@California (11/12):  Let's take a moment to revel in some happy memories the Golden Bears have given us: 

Awesome goal line stand

The infamous Kevin Riley scramble

I love these guys :)  And it's not just because we beat them on a regular basis.  Their fans have a good sense of humor, and always have that "uh oh, when's the other shoe going to drop" mentality that we're afflicted with.

Why we want to go beat the Golden Bears:  They're in our division, right?  Technically?  And like Mike Riley said in the locker room at that 2007 game (supposedly):  "It's Cal!  We always beat Cal!"  If we don't beat Cal, the sun might not come up tomorrow.

Why it's not as big of a deal:  Well... It's Cal... We always beat Cal.  It's kind of lost some of the luster.


Washington (11/19):  I thought the Snooty Seattle Sarkisians were in for a world of hurt with the second coming Jake Locker gone for the pros, but they've started 4-1 and are looking good (awful purple color schemes aside.)  If they weren't playing in the same division as Oregon and Stanford, I'd think they'd have a shot at the Pac-12 Championship Game.

Why we want to hammer the Huskies:  2 OT two-point conversion drop.  Ugh.  Holiday Bowl with a 6-6 record.  Ugh.  If Halahuni holds on to that ball, we're there instead of them.  This year, a win not only looks good, but it's within the realm of possibility.  Everyone in the Northwest outside of Seattle hates the Huskies.  If Washington under Slick Rick hadn't beaten them by a field goal, the 2001 Fiesta Bowl team would have been the 2001 National Championship (Game) team.

Why it's not as big of a deal:  It's not like we have some rivalry with them or any real chips on our collective shoulder that I can think of.  The season will be just about over by the time this game rolls around, anyway (although you could say it might end up being our last realistic shot for a victory!)


@Oregon (11/26):  It goes without saying we really want this one!  Down with the Duckies!  Booooo!

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