Does the OSU playbook contain any 4 or 5 receiver sets? I watched more of the formations today and I don't think I ever saw 4 receivers on the field at once. There are times when they move the running back or the H-Back out, but they never bring on a 4th receiver. Someone feel free to correct me or inform me of a case when OSU has done that. I found a study for a digital playbook project that some electrical engineers did and after looking over roughly 50 or so pictures of formations I found no 4 or 5 receiver sets through the entire set of pictures. I know that Riley has his specific pro-style offense but maybe an adjustment might help the anemic offense.

I know that most of the blame has to fall on the offensive line, and maybe the return of Josh Andrews will help the offensive line improve, but in the meantime when the running game begins to falter as it has every week, maybe spreading the field will make it easier on Mannion with more targets and also since the most dynamic players on the team are all wide receivers, it will help get more of the best talent on the field. The Beavs have five quite good receivers, starting with Wheaton, Rodgers, Bishop, Cooks, and I include Gwachum on that list. This would probably create more favorable matchups with some of the receivers versus linebackers and nickelbacks.

The obvious drawback to this is the lack of extra blockers for Mannion when he is already getting pummeled. This is more of a last resort plan than a full game plan, its just to try and speed up the game so that Mannion will not get hit as often. The qb switch to Mannion makes this sort of idea more possible, although I suppose his progressions may not be there quite yet. So maybe the quarterback is the real limitation for this to work, or maybe its that they may not want to change the scheme, but at this point something has to change right?

This is more or less just an idea to try and change something, to create some kind of spark for this team to last through the year and build something towards next season. To be blunt, the year has turned into a rebuilding year, when every single matchup from here on out feels like it will be a struggle I would define it as a rebuilding year. The offense really can't change personnel too much, there isn't enough depth on the offensive line to try something new. The defense will just rely on the growth of Scott Crichton and Dylan Wynn to bring back the pressure off the edge that OSU has really lacked ever since the loss of Victor Butler and Slade Norris. That pressure will make it easier on the secondary and help hide some of the problems. But in the meantime, while we are forced to wait for that development, maybe some new ideas will hope the Beavers win more games in the meantime. Here's to hoping!

Go Beavs!

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