Enough is Enough: It's time for Players to Take Responsibility, Not Coaches

(Promoted because it did a great job of prompting conversation and analysis of a very complex issue.)

I absolutely hate writing this, but at this point, I have zero choice. 

The 0-4 start by the Beavers by far is the most disheartening record in recent memory. And everyone is blaming the coaches, like always. Some called for Offensive coach to be fired, and some, being extreme, called for firing of Mike Riley. 

First, firing the coach who had led the resurgence of Beaver Football? Not only that's bad, but it's suicide. Seriously, this is not a good choice. Take a look at the record Mike Riley have produced since he became the head coach, and then compare it to days before Mike Riley came to Oregon State (look at 70's 80's and early 90's)

So, if the coach is not responsible, who is responsible?

Which leads to my second point (and Mike Gundy, please don't kill me for this): Ultimately, the players are responsible for the losses, and they need to take the blame of the loss. Yes, I'm talking to you, OFFENSE. 

You guys, simply put, have zero attitude toward winning. The way you played against Sac State, and against the Bruins, and now Sun Devils. You guys have no true leadership. This is why even with great defense, you never capitalize and lose. Particularly the Offensive Line. As I watched the game throughout the losses, there are some quarterback protection, and some almost none and QB gets sacked. There are clearly, NO LEADERSHIP in the Offensive Line. 

Last year, I had the same attitude toward the defense. They are much improved, because they have leadership, and they have true focus on winning. Without it, we would not have Poyer making interception that kept us from being blown out. 

Defense did their job. But instead of finishing the job with touchdown, you went with field goal, ON THE RED ZONE. What you should've done is ignored the coach's call, and just go for a TD, take a huge risk. Even though the coach is the leader, the real leader is the player (and you know who I am talking about) who wants to win. 

In short, Offense, Offensive Line, GROW UP. This is not High School anymore. If you want to win, you have to play like a pro level. Right now, you guys are playing like this is High School and that's bull. You aren't taking responsibility, and you are just acting like robots. 

And for fans reading this, and you think I'm just a loud mouth ranting guy, Shut up. I had really resented this posting this since Sacramento State Loss, (Yes, I wrote this right after that loss) hoping that our guys would learn from that loss. But it seems they haven't. I had patients, I had hopes, but I have finally ran out. Sure, you can blame the coaches, which is the typical fashion at college level, but these players are all adults, and they need to feel the responsibility. If Beavers were an NFL team, I would've posted this right after our first loss because I have zero patient on NFL teams. 


PS: I hope this is the last time I write this on college level, because it breaks my heart to write this. But sometimes, truth has to come out. 

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