Pac-10 Hoops Recap: January 8th

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California 65, Arizona State 61: "As best I can tell the Bears won this game for two reasons: An absurd rebounding advantage and excellent 3 point shooting. Cal's early double digit lead was mostly the function of awful ASU offensive execution and shooting rather than great offense from the Bears - ASU actually shot a higher percentage in the first half! 

Unfortunately, foul trouble meant that Cal had to play the end of the first half with floor combinations I never thought I'd see - things like three true freshmen, one sophomore and a walk on at once - and ASU took advantage to cut into Cal's lead, and carried that momentum into the second half to keep the game close the rest of the way." (Recap via California Golden Blogs)

Washington 103, Oregon State 72: "Washington made a 12-2 run at the end of the first half, turning a 9 point deficit into a 1 point lead at the break, then roared out of the locker room at Hec Ed in Seattle with an 18-2 run that blew the game open. Another 28-10 run in the final 6 minutes turned any thought of an Oregon St. rally into a rout." (Recap via Building the Dam)

Other game recaps, plus updated standings after the break

Washington State 77, Oregon 63: "This was a marquee night for the Cougs' starting five. Moore, Capers, Thompson, Lodwick and Casto held down the vast majority of the minutes... and appear to be hitting their stride as a group.

That's good, because on a night like tonight where Faisal Aden isn't hitting, it's good to know the Cougs can go back to their starting five and remain strong on offense and defense. I'm not a fan of Brock Motum only getting 14 minutes, but since Simon had 11 and the rest of the starters took up so much of the time on the floor, I can live with it. Obviously a win is an outcome you can always be happy with." (Recap via CougCenter)

Updated Pac-10 Standings

1. Washington, 12-3 (4-0)
2. Stanford, 9-4 (2-0)
3. Arizona, 13-3 (2-1)
4. UCLA, 9-5 (1-1)
5. USC, 9-6 (1-1)
6. Washington State, 12-4 (2-2)
7. Oregon State, 7-8 (2-2)
8. California, 8-7 (1-2)
9. Arizona State, 8-7 (1-3)
10. Oregon, 7-9 (0-4)

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