Oregon State vs. TCU: Photos from Arlington

Hi folks, I'm furrer4heisman, the proprietor of Gobbler Country, SBN's Virginia Tech blog. On Friday a friend offered me a free ticket to yesterday's Oregon State-TCU game, so I jumped on the chance to see Saturday's best match-up. I asked Jake if he needed anything from me and we decided a picture gallery would be nice.

From an outsider's prospective it was a great game and I can't even begin to describe Cowboys Stadium or its monstrous jumobtron. I caught myself more than a few times just watching the screen more often than the game itself, which is kind of sad.

More comments and photos after the break. 

A few highlights:

  • The TCU women. Ho. Lee. Crap. I went to the wrong school.
  • The 10-year old Oregon State fan behind me who yelled, "Kill! Kill!" or "Shoot him!" every time Andy Dalton dropped back to pass.
  • Your fans in general. They had a good showing considering how far they had to travel. They closed off the upper deck of Jerry World and the bottom three levels were pretty much full, which was surprising considering how many tickets I'd heard they were selling leading up to the game.

A few lowlights:

  • The TCU men. All of them were douchebags except my friend who goes there who let us into his tailgate. Of course, his douchebag frat buddies kept asking me why I was there and who I knew at the tailgate.
  • I wound up rooting for Oregon State because the TCU fan in front of me kept yelling "Texas football!" every time TCU did something good. Yeah, because nothing says "Texas football" like a ginger running the spread formation.
  • The dad of the OSU fan behind us who admonished a friend of mine when he accidentally let loose an F-bomb. "C'mon, guys, he's 10!" C'mon, dude, he's advocating murder.

On to the photos.













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