Morning After TCU: Oregon State Football News and Notes

ARLINGTON TX - SEPTEMBER 04: Tailback Ed Wesley #34 of the TCU Horned Frogs runs the ball past Dwight Roberson #59 of the Oregon State Beavers at Cowboys Stadium on September 4 2010 in Arlington Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

That loss hurts-- there's no other way to put it. 

Like Oregon State teams have done so many times in the past, the Beavers found a way to stay in a big game against a high-caliber team despite being dominated in several aspects of the game. We can look at these stats and the framework of the game and justify the loss. But we all know that even though the TCU running game gave the OSU defense fits, and even though Oregon State could not get the ground game going, the Beavers still could have at least tied the game at the end. 

Andy and myself both have our recaps of the game. Mine was a quick runthrough of some of my observations that I posted right after the game ended, Andy's is a more in-depth look at a lot of things that were going on in the game. Both posts bring something different to the table-- and you can keep the postgame chatter alive on either one. If you want to look through our other coverage of yesterday's game, we have our final (pregame) thoughts, two game threads, a postgame reaction thread, and quotes from Riley and Katz

Mountain West Connection's Ben Findley was at Cowboys Stadium, and shares his initial thoughts on the game. Among them:

-Kudos to the Beaver fans came out in full force. At least 7,000 showed up in orange and they came to party. Seemed like good people to me, but I'm sure the Boise fans lurking here will correct me.

-Attendance for the game was a solid 46,138 which I think is outstanding considering this game was vastly overpriced and consisted of a small private school and a school 2,000 miles away. A big hats off to all the Beaver and Frog fans who made the game.

-Good early win for the Frogs and hopefully the Beavers can start racking up some wins of their own to boost TCU's S.O.S.

More links and notes after the jump. 

As we take a look at links from around the internet this morning, we'll start with the basics: Paul Buker's game story in the Oregonian, and Cliff Kirkpatrick's story in the Corvalis Gazette-Times. Cliff also shares post-game notes, including a video of Ryan Katz and James Rodgers. He also grades the Beavers on yesterday's performance. Hint: defensive line and linebackers both get D's, special teams gets a C-.  And finally, his sideline briefing claims that the Beavers will have to make the Rose Bowl for Quizz to get into the Heisman conversation. He might be right-- do you agree? Seventy five yards against the TCU defense isn't horrible, but it didn't do much to help his chances. I wouldn't call it a step back.

Lindsay Schnell, who's been following the "Rodgers homecoming" angle relentlesslyshares her postgame report. Both James and Jacquizz made it clear that although they were looking forward to seeing family and friends, they came to Texas on business, with the goal of winning a football game. Quizz: "I didn't (win), so it feels like a letdown". Schnell also points out that OSU was 4-of-11 on third down, despite opening up the playbook. Also. Buker adds his postgame notes. 

Oregonian columnist John Canzano has an agreeable piece in today's Oregonian. He basically says that Oregon State has a heck of a quarterback in Katz, but he'll need to develop consistency because opponents are going to make Katz beat them. He's right, and I know Katz has the drive to get into the film room and see what he looked like against a live defense. He's got two weeks to iron out as many kinks as possible before Lousiville comes to town for the hope opener on September 18. 

We now turn to coverage from the Fort Worth media, and we'll start with Stefan Stephenson's story in the Star-Telegram. He shows that Lee Corso's prediction on College GameDay-- that TCU would lose to OSU by three touchdowns-- was a motivational tool. 

"He did my whole team a favor today," Patterson said of Corso. "Because as usual, no matter what we do and how we do it, we're always having to prove ourselves."

"I don't care what Corso thinks," Patterson said after the game. "They have to do their job and I have to do things to do my job. I just wanted to make sure they knew I was listening."

Star-Telegram columnist Gil LeBreton says that the GameDay prediction wasn't the only thing that played into TCU's favor-- the opening of the retractable roof did as well. 

The play of the game?

Allow me to suggest that it was deftly executed, 45 minutes before kickoff, by the guy who flicked the switch that magically opened the Cowboys Stadium's retractable roof. By the end of the night, Jerry Jones' billion-dollar football parlor no longer felt like the family Frigidaire. It wasn't warm, but sticky.

And -- surely by coincidence, no doubt -- there was only one team on the field that had spent its August practicing in 100-degree heat.

"I thought the heat made a difference," TCU coach Gary Patterson confirmed. "I thought our kids, the conditioning we do, made a difference in the third and fourth quarters. "I thought we fought through it, and then made the plays at the end that we had to."

Mac Engel of the Star-Telegram highlights the TCU running game, and Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News adds his thoughts.

--Jake | (

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