Postgame Quotes: Head Coach Mike Riley and Quarterback Ryan Katz

Quarterback Ryan Katz was impressive at times during Saturday's season opener for Oregon State, but made some mistakes and has work to do in the upcoming bye week as the Beavers prepare for Louisville.

Mike RIley and Ryan Katz joined Ron Callan on the KPAM 860 postgame show, and shared these quotes:

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley

This was a well played game. You had some great moments. 

We did, but we didn't spin a couple of plays in that game that made a big difference. The score they had before the half was huge, and when our defense made stops and got the ball in the fourth quarter, we didn't respond either time. The second time not only did we not respond, we gave them the ball right back on a total communication error which was very disheartening. 

On Andy Dalton...

He's just what we thought he was. He's a very crafty, smart player. He executes their offense very well. They had a phenomenal third down percentage tonight-- that and their ability to run the ball made the difference. 

Ryan Katz. He had some good moments, but also some bad decisions. 

He got rushed pretty good and made some good plays. He'll learn a lot from that game, there wont' be any faster or tougher defense we play against than that team. That was a very hard, tough baptism for a young quarterback, but I think he handled it pretty darn well. 

Tough yardage all night for Quizz... 

Very, very tough yardage. This team led the nation in rush defense for a reason and we knew it was going to be tough sledding. He made a lot of those yards on his own like he usually does, I thought he played a terrific game. 

What'd you tell the team?

We'll keep shooting these bullets. We want to get used to playing in big games. We want big games on our schedule to get ready for big games so we respond and are used to it. This was a great example of that. 

Sophomore Quarterback Ryan Katz

Overall, what do you think of your performance and the performance of your offense?

I feel like it went okay. There are a lot of big plays out there that could have been made. Throws I could have made, different catches receivers could have made. It's a team effort, we just need to watch the film and get better for next time.

The first drive probably gave you good vibes early...

Yeah. Like I said, I really just want to watch this film. We made plays, but not enough plays. TCU made more plays today, so good job to them and we'll get better from this. I believe that. 

Home opener against Lousiville is next, do you put this behind you and focus on them?

Yeah, There's a lot of stuff we can get better at and I think we're going to do that. 

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