Oregon State 35, Louisville 28: Postgame Quotes

Coach Mike Riley

"It's good to win. We'll take that every time. We don't really have to qualify it until tomorrow. When we look at it, we'll look at things to do differently and better. I was proud of the win, and I was appreciative of how Louisville came and played. That was a good looking team and they played very efficiently. They played better than Kentucky for most of that game they lost. They had me worried. They had a good runner, a good quarterback, and big guys up front today that made plays. They dropped balls against Kentucky but they made those plays today. They made a ton of plays."

"Froman is a good player. He gets rid of the ball and escapes from the pocket to get first downs. He extended plays and made throws. It was an impressive outing by him. They got into the Wildcat and made a bunch of plays in that. They did a very nice job today, we just luckily had more points than them. Probably the special teams area was the difference in the game. 

On James Rodgers' and his 243 all-purpose yards...

"We had a couple of chances to come out of our end zone but we didn't execute until Ryan made a throw and James made a catch to move us out. We were able to take enough time after that to make them use their timeouts and take time off the clock.  

On Jacquizz Rodgers...

"That's more like it, we can do better yet. I don't think we were good enough on third down and that's where Quizz does a lot for us. He made a couple of those today but we can do better than that. Besides that, the combination of running and catching was good. We need to get our screen game going, but we hit one good one today."

On the hird quarter...

Everything was going good, then we missed a rollout pass on 2nd and 4 and never executed like we did earlier in the third quarter for the rest of the day. It was tough sailing after that because they put the pressure on us. They started making plays and we started going three and out. I actually think there was some good stuff there at the end... it's good to be in games like that. To have Hekker have to hit a punt then go down and play defense-- it is invaluable practice and the experience should help us the next time that comes up. 

On Dockery's interception...

That was a bigtime play. If you get a little disrutption on the quarterback, it makes it a lot better for the corner. That's a great example of that. If you can make the quarterback move or reload a little bit, it becomes a different play. When everything is on time and the quarterback and receivers are good, they have a good chance to complete it. 

On the adjustments made by Tony Wilson...

One of the most important parts of playing in a game is finding who's going to play the best each day. One of the most important qualities within playing the best on a given day is adjusting in the game. Seeing what they've been doing and what they'll hurt us with. They ran that corner route by the inside slotback and hurt us and were killing us with screen passes. Tony Wilson decided to eliminate screen passes at the end of the game. That's a great example of learning as the game goes on and storing the information so you're ready to make the play when it comes up. 

On Ryan Katz...

Ryan can hurt you with his feet. Everytime he plays it'll be good for us, he'll see a lot in the film tomorrow. At the start, it was fast and furious for him. He looked like he took a deep breath and came back and started playing better. He'll be a lot of fun. He can make throws and he hangs in there and competes like crazy. Every game like this is invaluable for him. 

On Boise State...

This game would have been a trap if we truly had overlooked it, I don't think that was the case. I think that team played well and we have to give them credit for that. We have to be happy about the win, but we can't be satisfied with the mistakes that we made.  If we can continue to get better and work, then we can go over and give Boise a good game and do everything we can to win it. Without those things, that process taking place, we won't win. If we continue to learn and make strides every week then we can go over there and take a shot to win the game. 

Jacquizz Rodgers

"The main thing is I wanted to come to Reser Stadium and win a game. We dind't want to go down 0-2, that was our main focus  to come in and win. 

"We got more balanced and got the running and passing game going. We stayed on the field and got third downs"

Dwight Roberson

On the game...

We're really happy (about getting the win). It was a battle, Louisville is a great team, and it was a fight until the last second. We came out with the victory-- obviously there's stuff we need to work on as a team, but we came out with the victory and we're happy. 

The came out and established the run, we knew that. It's all about who can get the bigger push to stop the run. Sometimes it takes a goal line stand like we had or a turnover. Progressively through the game, we started stopping the game to the point they had to start passing, and they couldn't really pass. Louisville is a great team and they came out here and played really hard. 

On the linebacker rotation...

The younger guys are getting lots of time, especially during this preseason before Pac-10 so we're all at the same level. We have a lot of young linebackers-- really Keith and I are the only returning linebackers around with Keo Camat. He's trying to get the younger guys some time and the feel of the game. 

On Boise State...

I think it's a great opportunity for us with a top-5 opponent. Boise State is a great team-- we played them in the past-- so it will be a good game. It will be my first time playing on the blue turf, and I'm excited for the competition and the thrill of the game. 

Ryan Katz

On the two plays involving contact...

"I probably should have slid or run out of bounds. In the end zone he got me pretty good, I just got the wind knocked out of me. 

On what changed to get things settled down...

"Our guys just settled in, we were backed up at first. We have playmakers on this team so we need to continue to make plays and not have those stallout drives."

On Quizz...

"It was good to see him bounce back like that. We're a running team, we've gotta get Quizz the ball. We've gotta the the ball to him. 

Interviews via the Beaver Sports Network

--Jake | (jake.buildingthedam@gmail.com)

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