Yes, I'm also very frustrated, but

All this talk about firing people and this being the most terrible horrible season ever is getting a little much. Sure that game sucked, sure this season has been very disappointing, sure I think we will lose next week.  But at the same time this is the staff who has had this program in position to go to the Rose Bowl two years in a row, and so yes ok they came up short but who else coaching a football program in Corvallis OR is going to get the team that close?  Dennis E. got us to one BCS game and never really came close after that did he?  I personally believe being a Beaver fan you have to be a realist, a pragmatist, AND a wishful thinker all at once with all that goes along with those ideals.

I know it sucks and is hard for some to understand, I will admit it is VERY hard for me at times to understand, but OSU football is going to have some painful down years at times, that is the way it is.  Do I like it?  Hell no, but also we lost our best all around player in James Rodgers this season, we were breaking in a new QB (no I don't mean the offensive line was breaking him down), we had other key personnel leave and get injured.  Even teams like SC and the UO have bad years, and look at the depth they can get with their financial backing.

I'm personally not all that sold on Banker's schemes and utilization of the players to be honest, so I think something has to be done on the defensive side of things but see that more as a total scheme change up.  And with all the coaching staff, offense and defense, I assume they will make adjustments next season and will be ready to go, if they don't and the team keeps sliding backwards over the next couple years then I say heck yes it is time to have the larger conversation about the program's future.

Also, Stanford is a very very very good team and is playing with a TON of confidence right now.  I think might actually be playing the best all the around football in the conference right now, yes I know what that means but if the ducks played Stanford at Stanford at this moment I think the score is much different than earlier in the year in Eugene.

Does this all bode well for next week's Civil War game?  Nope.  I hate to admit it but pretty much 95.585% sure that we will lose.  Do I think it will be all on the defense?  Nope, for I think if the offensive line play is like last night and neither Katz nor Quizz can get going and we keep giving the ball back to the ducks it won't really matter how well the defensive side is playing, which yes I don't think will be playing all that well anyway against this upcoming scheme match up.

And I know I keep defending Katz and I know he threw some terrible passes last night, but gee whiz if you keep getting blasted like that, especially blind side, you are going to get jumpy as hell even when you do have the time to throw it, especially with a young QB like Katz who is playing in their first college season.  I don't think he or Quizz have confidence in their line and I don't blame them.

I thought more would come of this team this year, and I'm frustrated and disappointed big time, but at the same time need to step back and look at how this team has not clicked (I now think it was HUGE we lost James' on-field leadership) and the coaching staff has not found the magical scheme to make it click AND throw in that the Pac-10 this year has two teams that have found that magical something.  I actually think take out those two teams and the Beavs have matched up well with how the rest of the conference has played, and yes this is both good and bad for teams like SC, UA, and so on have all been wildly inconsistent too.

Look these are just my thoughts and I know many will disagree and that is fine.  I'm not a happy camper and quite honestly I'm ready to move on to basketball and then baseball, so yes I can totally understand why people are so disappointed.  But at this moment I am just thinking of this as a short term set back within the longer term success of a program that in many ways probably shouldn't be where it is without Riley.  Also we do have another game to be played, and I can't bail 100% on this team.

Go Beavs!!!

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