Tonight's Game Brought to You by the Letter F

We all know that the report card for the massacre Stanford game has nothing but F's.  Nothing even came close to an A.  Or a B.  In fact, as I said in the game thread, we should forfeit all rights to those letters for the rest of the week and be known as the Oregon Stte Fevers.  With any luck FORTUNE (don't want to say the L word after what he did to us) we won't totally wet the bed in the Civil War.  Then we can at least earn back a B and march proudly into the off-season as the Oregon Stte Bevers.



And now, a word from our sponsor, the letter F:

F is for Fail:  what every unit did tonight

F is for False Start:  taking us out of a manageable 4th down situation in tree territory early in the game and forcing the punt

F is for Floored:  Katz, two seconds after every snap

F is for Fumble:  two of them lost this game, despite hardly turning it over all season

F is for Flimsy:  our O-line

F is for Fracture:  surprised none of the players suffered one tonight

F is for Flags:  how we probably got half our yardage, despite drawing more of them ourselves

F is for F**k:  my thought after almost every play

F is for Foul:  the stench emanating from Palo Alto after we stunk up the stadium

F is for Forty-one:  years since the trees last shut us out

F is for FoolAndrew Luck is a big one if he goes Jake Locker and comes back for another year

F is for Forty-Niners:  Bye bye Harbaugh

F is for Field Day:  what the Duckies are going to have next Saturday against our "defense"

F is for Fake Cramps:  the only way we don't lose the Civil War by triple-digits

F is for Five:  the number of wins we'll have at the end of the year

F is for Firedsomeone probably should be after this ridiculous season, but I have no idea who

F is for Frustrated:  the state of Fever Ntion

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