Cup o' Joe: OSU 51, USC 45

Alright, first game at Gill in about 8 years; thoroughly enjoyed
myself. Was even pleasantly surprised by a win. And now, without
further sarcasm ado, four impressions my brother & I were discussing.

1. Gill at 64% elicited two (almost simultaneous) feelings:
    A. "Dang. This is depressing/embarrassing."
    B. "Dang. Start winning and this place could be insanely intimidating."

2. My intention here is neither to insult in any way the Jay-era players,
   and least of all Calvin "all-of-a-sudden-I'm-Roy" Haynes, nor am I attempting
   to darken one of the few bright spots we've had this season, but watching
   Jared play... Man won't it be great when we have more actual athletes like him
   on the floor? And I know the Tarvers, Roe, etc. are trying, really. I'm not
   dismissing their effort. Bottom line: can't wait to see what Coach Robinson
   can do with legitimate D-I basketball players.

3. Speaking of Robinson... WoW. Guy's every bit as entertaining as the action
   on the court. Oh wait. He IS on the court. All the time. And I love every
   facet of that reality. The man dominates the scene. Tip-off to buzzer, he's
   in the refs' heads, (and on occasion, in their shirt), in the other coach's
   head, (O'neill was terribly outcoached), and most importantly, in the other
   players' heads. His baiting of SC's Dwight Lewis (#21) into a technical was
   a thing of beauty. Lewis had 5 points when he was T-d up, late in the 1st half.
   ...He finished with that same amount. Think Craig's strategy worked? Lewis, who
   leads the Trojans with 13.6 ppg, scored all of twice. 2-12 from the field, 1-8
   from beyond the arc. Oh and that trey he buried which led to the technical? Calvin
   hit 1 of the free-throws, and we scored on that possession. Lewis gave those
   three points right back. Crafty, Coach Rob. Craaaaafty.

4. If you happen to see a poster at Gill in the near future reading "I (Heart) the 1-3-1"...
   You'll know who's waving it. Good lord was it fun to watch the incredible
   frustrations exhibited by Gerrity & Co. I would've cheered the countless
   SC turnovers throughout the 2nd half, really I would have. ...If I could've
   stopped laughing.

In conclusion, great win, great time, go Beavers.

P.s. Josh Tarver's dunk. Can't leave without mentioning that. Play of the Year.

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